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Struggle To Drink Enough Water?

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One of the important facets of any health and fitness regime is Hydration. But struggling to drink enough water seems to be a common issue among people when it comes to kick starting weight loss and getting fit and healthy.

First of all, let’s do a quick run through why increased water intake is essential:

1 – Preventing Death

Bit dramatic, I know. But the truth is if you don’t drink enough water you will die. Not exactly an issue in the modern day but it’s always good to understand the importance of water.

2 – Improve Your Mood

Believe it or not, dehydration can mess with your mood and make your cranky. Drink a bit more and be happier.

3 – Perform Better

Straight up, over 70% of your muscle tissue is made up of water. So by keeping yourself hydrated you’ll ensure high levels of performance and remove the risk of dehydration which will cause fatigue, weakness and muscle cramping.

4 – Losing Weight

How many times have you thought you were really hungry only to realise you were just thirsty? By drinking water regularly you will suppress your appetite which will assist you in managing your diet better without the need to graze on food.

5 – Removal Of Waste

Don’t forget, water is essential for us to be able to pee. And urine is a carrier for removing waste products from the body. Stay hydrated and keep your body running good.

6 – Improve Your Skin

What’s the largest organ of the body? Your skin. Regular consumption of water will aid in improving your skin complexion and texture whilst also aiding in keeping the body cool through perspiration.


So enough of listing points, let’s look at a very simple solution to getting you to drink more water.

Here it is:

  • Buy 7 x 2 Litre bottles of water each week
  • On waking, start sipping the water
  • You have until you go to bed that night to have finished the bottle.

Let’s say you’re awake for only 10 hours a day.

That’s just 200ml of water you need to sip per hour.

Extremely achievable, right?

Try it for a week and see if that makes your water intake a lot easier.

The simpler you can make things, the more achievable they are.


Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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