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From StrongWife To StrongMom – Mary Kelly


Today’s story is about how Mary Kelly has evolved from a StrongWife to StrongMom.

February 2016, Mary strolled in the door of StrongLife Gym with a view to giving this aul “lifting” craic a go.

She had been running for years and wanted to try her hand at lifting.

Not only that, but in July 2016 she was getting married.

A good time as any to get started!

Mary’s StrongLife Story 2016:

“Back at the start of the year I was running half marathons, walking regularly, doing exercise and always watching my diet. I was doing the same thing week in week out and getting the same results….getting nowhere!

I decided to change things up a bit and seen an article on Stronglife so called in to meet Colm. He was very welcoming and friendly. I was expecting the gym to an intimidating environment but it was far from intimidating. Everyone was so welcoming and encouraging there is a great bunch of people at Stronglife.

I find Colm to be an exceptional coach and trainer. He has interest in each and every client he knows what’s going on with everyone’s training and makes sure everyone is progressing. Colm is a friend to everyone that comes in the door.”

And it’s fair to say she looked amazing on her wedding day:

strongwife, storngmom

As life goes on, the day came when it was time to consider having a little Kelly scooting around the place.

And with great delight to herself and Gerry, Mary is now 7 months into her pregnancy.

We’re still not sure how Seamus is going to take it!! (he’s the dog by the way).

But one thing Mary was determined to not do was quit training.

She loved it, she seen massive benefits from it and she knew she would miss it.

Not only that, but she feared not being strong any more.

She wanted to ensure she remained strong throughout pregnancy and following childbirth.

But of course she was worried about the risks of training while pregnant.

Training While Pregnant

Unfortunately, a lot of scaremongering goes on when it comes to exercising while pregnant.

And people are quick to throw their input in saying “why would you do that, you should be at home with your feet up”.

But as Mary is a strong individual, she dreaded just sitting at home letting life go by.

So of course we set out a plan to help her train throughout.

Our main focus was to ensure her safety through all exercises while focusing on maintaining a strong back for her.

One common complaint is back pain during pregnancy and it is something Mary was fearful of.

I developed a training plan that evolved with her pregnancy to ensure she could enjoy her training, feel good and not be putting herself in any risk whatsoever.

We moved away from heavy lifting and moved towards higher reps, keeping her back and legs strong and still having her enjoy it all.

And it has been great seeing Mary train away the last few months here.

All the other mothers and ladies were always amazed watching her training away and she was quickly getting loads of advice from all the mammies of the joy that’s ahead.

Farewell To The StrongMom

And as planned, there was always going to be a day where she wrapped up her training here for a while.

So on Friday December 1st, Mary came in for her last session.

Thankfully, I have a no crying policy in the gym so I avoided putting on a bit of James Blunt to see her off.

She’s into her last trimester now so we agreed she would enjoy her December and Christmas.

Things may get a little busier in the New Year for her!

She has been a fantastic addition to the gym over the last 22 months.

She always came in with a big smile and mad for craic.

Mary really added a lot to the gym with her friendliness and her attempts to keep manners on me when I was apparently acting like a manchild.

It’s safe to say she’ll be missed for the few months she’s away.

Everyone at StrongLife Gym wishes Mary all the best in her final weeks of pregnancy.

We look forward to hearing about the arrival of junior in February.

And I’ll Skype you during gym hours so we can all check in with you!

Enjoy the peace and quiet while you can!

Thanks for everything.

Colm & The StrongLife Crew

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