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The Rise Of The StrongWife In 2016 – Mary Kelly

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2016 has been quite the year for resident StrongWife – Mary Kelly.

Now it has taken me around 5 months to actually call her by her married name now but I’ll have to try improve on that.

But back in February 2016, Mary entered the unknown that was strength training (and me).

Having spent years running and exercising she was still unhappy.

As she said herself:

“Back at the start of the year I was running half marathons, walking regularly, exercising and always watching my diet. I was doing the same thing week in, week out and getting the same results… getting nowhere.

I decided to change things up and seen an article on StrongLife so called in to meet Colm”

Now thankfully my colossal amount of skitter talk didn’t put Mary off (if anything she has dragged more of it out of me). But in a serious sense, I knew Mary would excel at lifting.

She has one of those mindsets that if she does something, she’ll give it 100%.

She quickly became that friendly face in the gym gym that everyone knows and who always comes in the door with a smile on her face. (I get scared if she doesn’t).

“I was expecting the gym to be an intimidating environment but it was far from that. Everyone was so welcoming and encouraging. There’s such a great bunch of people here.”

I always strive to create a friendly environment and it’s always great to get feedback, but it’s also great to have such sound people in the gym. It makes me love the job more.

But back to training.

Mary was getting married at the end of July which meant we had to have her looking well in the dress for the big day.

Mary took like a duck to water when it came to lifting heavy and she worked hard on her nutrition throughout and actually was ahead of target on her wedding day (she even messaged me that morning).

Not only did she get in great shape for it, but she got strong as hell too.

And since then, we’ve progressed into a big more advanced training and Mary hasn’t shied away one bit.

As of Monday, she has bumped her lifts up to:

Squat – 87.5kg

Bench – 50kg

Deadlift – 110kg



Alongside her main lifts, we’ve focused exercises on developing her physique, ironing out old injuries/issues and giving her the confidence and belief when it comes to being a lady in the weight room.

“I used to have pain in my back and since joining the gym and getting in on a personalised programme the pains are gone and my back feels much stronger. I’m delighted to be a member of this gym and cannot recommend it enough to anyone thinking of improving their life and health”

On behalf of myself, it’s an absolute pleasure having Mary in the gym.

She puts up with my terrible jokes, my weird life advice and in general, my nonsensical ramblings.

All while taking on board everything she needs to become stronger, fitter and an all round healthier person.

I look forward to helping you achieve more in 2017.


Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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Breda Smith - December 21, 2016 Reply

Well done Mary .. …

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