The StrongLife Seminar 2018

Set yourself up for success in your pursuit of health & fitness

StrongLife Gym aims to remove all the confusion when it comes to Health, Fitness & Weight Loss.


And we're now putting together a comprehensive seminar to set you up for a successful 2018 in your pursuit of health, happiness and that toned body.

Colm Duignan, StrongLife Gym

What Will You Get At The StrongLife Seminar

We will cover an extensive range of topics, but here's some key ones:


The Fundamentals Of Weight Loss

For many, you will have tried many diets only to end up back where you started - unhappy with how you look and feel.

Instead of promoting fad diets, we aim to educate you on the key drivers in weight loss and how to manage it long term for continued success.


Diet Strategies For The Real World

Everywhere you look, you'll be bombarded with weight loss products and diets.

We'll cover some very simple and easy to follow strategies that will leave you knowing which option will suit your lifestyle best.

Because the better it fits into your life, the more success you will get from it.



How To Develop That Toned Body

Would you like a flatter stomach, toned arms and legs and get rid of the jiggly bits?

Would you like to feel confident and sexy in your own body?

We're going to cover in detail what you need to do to get that toned body you dream of.

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