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Claim Your StrongLife Personal Training Trial

Get 3 Personal Training Sessions For Just €30

Are you losing motivation to exercise?

Would you like the time and attention of a Personal Trainer?

Want detailed workouts designed for your goals?

Need the help of a PT to teach you the exercises safely?

personal training

We’re at that stage in January where it’s make or break time.

For many, they’re starting to wobble and there’s a good chance they may quit the gym/exercising.

New Years Resolutions can abandoned and old habits are reintroduced.

Weight starts to go back on and you slowly regress.

And the main reason for this is – lack of direction.

You hit the gym or start exercising doing what you knew best.

But after a few weeks of exercising and eating well you’re just not seeing results.

It’s easy to get disheartened and take the easier option of quitting.

But you don’t have to quit

You can now get 3 StrongLife Personal Training sessions for just €30 as a trial.

Over the 3 sessions,  I’ll teach you the key exercises to maximise your results in the gym

I’ll teach you how to do all the exercises correctly and safely to ensure no injuries

All exercises will be selected based on your ability meaning I won’t put you doing anything that isn’t safe or you’re not able for

We’ll spend time discussing your training and diet history and look at some simple things to work on to get some great results

I’ll remove all the confusion around what you should be doing in the gym and get 3 quality sessions done teaching you exactly what you need to get started and make great progress.

Once the trial is over, we can chat about training and coaching options going forward if you’ve found StrongLife to be a huge benefit.

You can claim your Personal Training trial for just €30 by filling in the quick few details below and I’ll be in touch to get you booked in.

Personal Training Trial