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StrongLife Member Of The Month – February 2018

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The StrongLife Member Of The Month for February 2018 is none other than Maurice Gannon.

Hailing from the beautiful Cootehall, Maurice has been working hard both inside and outside the gym.

So before I go rambling on, let’s hear from Maurice:

1. What made you join StrongLife.

I joined StrongLife Gym in May 2015.

I had been doing regular long distance biking (80km plus) but still wanted to do more in terms of core and overall strength.

So I decided to chat to Colm and give the gym a few goes.

And here I am, still going and loving it.

2. What difference has it made to you

I found it very beneficial in terms of getting stronger and toning up.

However, I also found it great for head space and de-stressing after work.

I’ve met lots of great people in the gym too and I enjoy the banter with them (possibly a bit too much!).

3. Tell us about your achievements outside of the gym over the last 12 months.

I’ve always continued to cycle most Sundays, however in February 2017 I started doing the Lough Key Park Runs.

And I’m delighted to say I’ve just completed my 40th park run recently.

I never ran before in my life and my first run took 45 minutes.

Now, I’m running the 5km in just short of 28 minutes thanks to a good combination of gym, running and cycling.

Then in October 2017, fellow StrongLifer Sinead McQuaid came up with the brainwave of doing a Duathlon in Claremorris on the 28th December.

It was a 5km run, 18km cycle followed by another 3km run to finish.

So I completed that and enjoyed it so much that I’ve done 2 more since.

The next one is on the 24th March in Westport too!

Mid life crisis upon reaching 50 last year?

Who knows, but sure it’s good fun!

Congrats Maurice On Being StrongLife MOTM For February 2018!

It’s fair to say, having just read through that, that Maurice has really challenged himself over the last few years.

A gym was completely alien to Maurice yet he has taken to it like a duck to water.

To see anyone develop the confidence to continue to challenge themselves and always try their hand at new things is great.

He’s a welcomed member of the gym, a great man to have around even if Laura is always blaming him for delaying her talking!

Well done Maurice and keep up the great work!

You may even chance a pint in Beirne’s of Battlebridge to celebrate!



Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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