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Starting Your Diet Again Today?


Serious question? Are you starting your diet again today?

For so many people, they lose the run of themselves at weekends due to the “lack of routine”.

And I do understand it. During the week your job keeps you in a routine, you plan a breakfast, lunch and dinner and your job dictates meal times which helps a huge amount.

So why not replicate it at weekends? (while still adding in a little bit of an indulgence)

Could you look at planning your Saturday meals and meal times so you’ve the food in the house, it’s just a matter of cooking it?

For Sunday, could you plan your breakfast and evening meal which allows you to enjoy your dinner and have a dessert?

You see, every weekend doesn’t need to be an all out binge on food. It really doesn’t. (I’ve covered the whole – restricting too much during the week which leads to the over-consumption at weekends before – it’s in the blog section on my website)

Let’s look at it this way.

You binge every weekend which leads to “starting your diet” again on Mondays.

Do this every week and you will have started a diet 52 times a year….

And you will have broken your diet 52 times also…

Simply having the food in your house already helps so much in making meal choices.

The underlying message here is – Work On Your Consistency

Being consistently great from Monday to Friday yet blowing it to sh*t at the weekends is not going to get you far.

Instead of “starting” your diet again today, how about assess the weekend to see what you done well but also where you fell down.

Then build an action plan for the coming weekend to work on being more consistent.

Simply aim to have your breakfasts in the house so you don’t have to go shopping while hungry (Saturday + shopping + hunger = bad choices).

Then you should have a clear head for picking up stuff for your lunch and dinners.

One thing I play around with is allocating a calorie allowance for chocolate which keeps me from over consuming but also allows me to get some in which keeps me satisfied and sane.

Keep working and building on it and in time it will start coming together nicely.

You’ll have great weekends and sh*t ones but keep working on it.

Bad habits are hard broken and until they are, it’s much harder to develop good habits.

It took me well over 12 months to get a full grip on my weekends but it gets a lot easier.

Happy Monday!

Colm “it’s not a Sunday without dessert” Duignan

Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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