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Should My Son Be Taking Protein Shakes?


So yesterday, a concerned mother asked me if her son should be taking protein shakes?

And my simple as was – No.

Now it’s not that black and white.

Let’s look at the context.

He’s a young lad of 16 who’s playing sports flat out and has started doing a bit of gym work.

For someone that young, they can be quite impressionable by what they see online.

The most important thing for anyone, of any age when they start training is this:

Get The Basics of Nutrition Right First!

There’s really no need for anyone to be taking supplements until they work on their diet.

Taking a few protein shakes while still knocking back pints and pizza multiple times a week is not going to be of any benefit.

Are those drinks dangerous?

This is a common question that even my own mother has asked.

We seem to have developed a belief that by drinking protein shakes your kidneys will explode, creatine is worse than cocaine and sure going to the gym that much will kill you.

So the 2 main ones you will hear of are Whey Protein and possibly Creatine.

Whey Protein is derived from dairy and it’s a highly researched supplement.

The majority of the good brands will have a simple blend in their powder.

The main focus from these powders are to increase protein intake to assist in muscle repair/growth from training.

They’re not a magic powder and should not become a staple in a diet.

Once again, they’re a supplement which means they should be used in addition to a good diet.

Now Creatine is the white powder which every parent freaks out over when they find it.

But it’s actually the most researched supplement to date.

A lot of scaremongering goes with it saying it’ll blow your kidneys, it’s like steroids etc.

In reality, it’s to complement the ATP energy system and helps to replenish it quicker which leads to getting a few more reps done in sets at the gym.

I have used it in the past but I think a lot of people way overestimate it’s benefit.

In Conclusion For Protein Shakes etc.

There’s no harm in them once used correctly and not over relied on.

Always base your nutrition on developing good relationships with food, eating healthy most of the time and throw in the odd indulgence here and there.

If your son or daughter feel the need to buy some whey protein, send them to talk to a good trainer first.

We can have a chat with them, see what they could be better off working on and if they really do need supplements, we’ll point them in the direction of good quality ones.


They really aren’t much to be worried about, but at the end of the day, you can do a hell of a lot without the need for them.

I see too many being duped into buying the “magic” supplement that promises all the results.

But they only leave you with an empty wallet.

If you need any questions answered, just pop me a message and I’ll get back to you.



Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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