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Does Your Social Circle Sabotage Your Diet


It’s Friday again.

For many, it means you’ve finally got back on the wagon after last weekend.

You’ve got your diet back on track and you’ve hit the gym.

You’re feeling good again after a sluggish start to the week.

But come 7pm this evening, your phone will beep.

“Wine time hun xoxo”.

Or the infamous “Pints?”.

The Social Circle Sabotage begins.

Come Saturday evening, your partner wants a takeaway and munchies while ye watch Netflix.

Sunday is a day for having dinner out.

But come Monday morning, you’re feeling down.

Your weekend has undone last week’s work.

Your still just as far away from that dream body than you were a month ago.

And it can be very disheartening.

Dealing With Social Circle Sabotage

When hanging out with friends and family, it can be very easy to slip into thinking “oh well I’ll just have some since they’re all having it”.

You might feel pressured into having the drinks, the food or the dessert.

You don’t want to socially isolate yourself either.

And there’s no point killing each other at home over a Supermacs!

At some point you may need to become selfish.

Your goals are exactly that, YOURS.

Not your friends, not your partner’s.


And because your goals don’t mean anything to them, they will never see what it really means to you.

How healthy you’ll feel when you’re a stone lighter.

How confident you’ll feel when you’re toned in your summer clothes.

Or how clear your mind is because you’ve found exercise to be the best anti-depressant.

It’s not easy, but at some point you may need to have the chat so they respect what you’re doing.

That way you can go on a night out and not get slagged for not drinking.

You and your partner might choose to cook a nice meal instead of the takeaway.

Sunday might be a walk by the sea after lunch.

Weekends are generally where most diets fall down.

You May Need To Explain It

If your social circle enables you to make choices that are detrimental to your health and goals, then try explain it.

You don’t need to abandon your friends or family.

But you might just need to give them an idea of what you’re trying to achieve and get them to support you.

And outside of that, be sure to make connections in your gym with people who are on the same track as you, or those who have done it before.

You’ll learn a lot and won’t feel so alone.

Have a good Friday.


Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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