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Slimming World Changes – Are They Appreciating Calories?

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Slimming World has recently made changes to their foods.

And among the fitness industry, it’s seen as a good thing.

Because from the outside, it looks like they’re starting to appreciate calories.

If you’re unaware, they’ve recently switched some on their “Syn Free” products to now carrying a Syn value.

While I absolute detest labelling foods as “syn”, that’s a topic for another day.

But at least it’s a step in the right direction for those frustrated with weight loss.

And it should have a positive impact on their clients’ results in future.

Because when it comes to dieting, it all comes down to the Energy Balance.

And that’s a case of your daily calorie intake being less than the energy you expend.

How Does Slimming World And Popular Diets Work

First of all, I’m not bashing any particular diet.

At the end of the day, if you’re making positive progress in the terms of your own health and wellbeing, then it’s all good.

But there are some dangerous diets that will leave you void of essential nutrients and clear your purse quicker than a pick pocket.

But how do popular diets work?

The likes of Slimming World etc provide you with a framework to design your food intake around.

And the bottom line is that they get you to control your intake to the point where you’re now achieving a caloric deficit which will elicit fat loss.

Pretty good and it builds a good community.

However, regardless of any style of diet.

CALORIE BALANCE is the ultimate factor in you losing weight.

Regardless of what type of method you go with, if you eat too much food, you don’t lose weight.


Free Foods And Syns

I still believe that FREE FOODS shouldn’t exist.

If they contain calories then they need to be managed.

Education should be provided to ensure clients understand nutrition better and ultimately see long term progress.

Question – have you followed a popular diet, stopped and ended up putting it all back on?


Two common areas why this happens:

  1. You dieted too hard, restricted yourself and once you increased food you rebounded.
  2. Once you stopped, you no longer had a framework to follow so you go back to your “old” eating habits which led to the weight gain in the first place.

So if you’re prone to overeating certain foods, you need to understand what’s driving your eating behaviour and then putting plans in place to overcome it.

Build a better understanding of foods so that you can enjoy treats without labelling them as Syns.

Food is food.

Let’s stop looking at is as Good and Bad.

Appreciate that you need to eat fairly well in order to see results but you don’t have to turn off your life to do so.

Still massively confused about nutrition and want to finally see progress?

On January 5th, I hope to run a Seminar to cover all things related to Health & Fitness and educate you to make sure you start 2018 with a bang.

All topics will be backed by scientific evidence so you’re getting the best quality information without any ridiculous promises.

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Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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