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Sinead Mc Tiernan’s StrongLife Journey


Today, I’m letting Sinead (a.k.a Queen BeastMode) tell you a small bit about her StrongLife journey so far.

Towards the end of last summer, a quiet, shy Sinead strolled in the door in her Geevagh GAA top.

In only a matter of months, she’s gone from being a bit timid with the weights to absolutely dominating them.

And while she’s not one to self praise, she has come on leaps and bounds in the short time.

I even hear she’s flying it on the pitch again too!

So I’ll let Sinead tell you a bit about her journey:

I joined StrongLife in August 2016 and haven’t looked back since.

From the minute I walked in the door, I was welcomed and Colm was always there to answer my (numerous) questions, sometimes reluctantly.

Normally people associate the gym with treadmills and cross trainers but thankfully there’s none in StrongLife. As a GAA player I was doing enough cardio and wanted something different.

To say I was nervous about lifting weights would be an understatement, but with lots of encouragement and patience from Colm I slowly gained in confidence.

Eight weeks ago I started the StrongBody Challenge with the aim of improving lifts. The programme was tough but very enjoyable. Having 9 other strong ladies doing it certainly helped, particularly when comparing levels of pain. 

Colm was always there with his stick, bad jokes, beast mode imitations and a few words of encouragement too!

I’m delighted with the outcome of the programme and I can’t wait to build further from it in the next few months.

As a gym, I’d recommend StrongLife to anyone: young or old, fit or unfit, experienced or inexperienced. Stick with it and you won’t be long seeing amazing results

Sinéad has been a great addition to the gym regardless of all the disagreements we have over GAA.

To see her coming from that nervous newbie to a confident person strolling around the gym getting her work done is amazing.

And just to mention, in her few short months here she has Squatted 77.5kg, Benched 41.5kg and Deadlifted 112.5kg.

Phenomenal numbers for someone so new to lifting and a huge platform for her to progress from now.

All she gotta do is give it plenty of BeastMode and drink cans of Monster!

Well done Sinéad #UpGeevagh

Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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