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Why You Shouldn’t Ignore The Weighing Scales

So in the health & fitness game, you’ve surely been told to ignore the weighing scales because it’s not a true measure of progress.

Instead, focus on building muscle and sure muscle weighs more than fat.

And this is true to a certain extent.

But guess what’s a huge factor in ensuring your long term health?


This is both a case for people who are underweight or overweight.

For someone chasing weight loss, a decreasing number on the scales generally leads to:

– looser jeans, slimmer waists and an increase in self confidence.

So if the number on the scales is creeping up while your pants are getting a bit tighter, then it may be time to have a look at balancing your nutrition and exercise better.

Simple things like your Waist to Hip ratio are good predictors of health.

Instead of banishing all these methods, let’s look at them for what they are: Tools to measure progress.

For the general public, maintaining a healthy bodyweight will go a long way to benefiting your health.

Especially since we’re seeing such a surge in obesity and diabetes here in Ireland, let along the rest of the world.

So if you’re currently a stone or two overweight, then it will benefit you to lose a bit.

Not just so you look better, but also that you feel better and improve your health long-term.

Maybe it’s worth considering.


Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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