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The Shift A Stone Challenge – Last Chance

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On Monday 2nd October, the Shift A Stone Challenge will kick off.

So that means you have until 6pm on Sunday to sign up before it closes.

You have 48 hours to grab your last chance to join our program.

But why would you join it?

How would you feel come Christmas if you dropped a dress size?

Would you like to tone up and feel great in your own body?

Fancy getting fitter and healthier?

Here’s an example of the results we got last year:

Denise – 17.6lbs and 18.75 inches.

Ann – 14.3lbs and 11.75 inches

Kathryn – 12.4lbs and 13.25 inches

Siobhan – 11lbs and 8 inches

John – 11lbs and 13.75 inches

Marc – 10lbs and 10.5 inches

Those are some of the results from last years challenge.

And all are REAL results achieved by regular people who work, have families and are busy.

But how do you get these results?

Here’s how the program works.

  • It’s an 8 Week Training and Nutrition plan
  • You train 3 times a week
  • Every week you get 2 check-ins to keep you motivated and on track
  • Your nutrition can be altered based on rate of progress as we go along
  • Every week your gym sessions change to keep it interesting and challenging
  • You join a great bunch of people to take on the challenge and get all the support you need throughout.

Who is the program for?

  • If you have 7lbs+ that you’d love to shed for Christmas
  • You want to tone up and get fitter
  • Ideally you can commit to 3 gym sessions a week (1 hour max per session)
  • You’re willing to commit to making small lifestyle changes over the coming weeks to ensure results.

So the full 8 week program works out at €200.

That’s €25 per week to cover your training, nutritional coaching, weekly check-ins and any help you need throughout.

And don’t worry, if you feel like you’re not “fit” enough then we can alter your training to help build you up.

Are you ready to take on the Challenge and Shift A Stone?

Apply now:

Shift A Stone Challenge

I’ll be in touch soon.



Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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