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The Shift A Stone Challenge – Final Results


So on November 28th, the Shift A Stone Challenge came to an end and over the last week I’ve finalised the results with the last few people (and also put my feet up).

The Challenge was great fun to do, everyone has enjoyed it and it was crazy how fast the 8 weeks passed us by.

But not only was it fun, the craic was had and there was plenty of acting the eejit too….

…but results were achieved!

Total Lost : 108lbs and 140.25 Inches

Across the 13 folks who took on the challenge that’s an average of over 8lbs and 10.8 inches lost each.

And that’s including quite a few who weren’t heavily focused on weight loss and more so on toning up, feeling sexy and rocking a new body.

So let’s take a quick look at some of the top results from the challenge:

Denise – 17.6lbs and 18.75 inches.

Ann – 14.3lbs and 11.75 inches

Kathryn – 12.4lbs and 13.25 inches

Siobhan – 11lbs and 8 inches

John – 11lbs and 13.75 inches

Marc – 10lbs and 10.5 inches

Then we had the few who weren’t overly worried about dropping weight but wanted to tighten up and get more toned.

Fiona  – 9.5lbs and 12.75 inches

Mary – 6.6lbs and 10 inches

Seamus – 3.8lbs and 8 inches

Sinead – 2lbs and 11 inches

Laura – 2lbs and 10 inches


As you can see, there’s some really solid progress made over the 8 weeks with everyone making serious changes to their overall physique.

Some of the girls have been complaining that they struggled to eat so much food based on the calorie requirements.

Others complained that the trousers was fit to fall off them at work it had gotten so loose.

While a few others were asking what were those lines they had on their stomach now.

Over the whole 8 weeks, our programming focused on making everyone stronger, develop a higher work capacity for them while adding in some muscle building work to really enhance their physiques.

Nutritionally, we focused on ensuring they were eating enough to match their goals, optimise their health and develop a better understanding of nutrition.

In simple terms – think flatter stomachs, better booty and toned arms.

They’ve all enjoyed it so much that they’ve made me extend it until Xmas so they can continue making great strides right up until it’s turkey time.

And we will be running another SAS Challenge in January 2017.

If you’d like to get some solid results, you can get your name down for it now.

All we’ll need is a small deposit by end of December then to secure your place.

Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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