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The Shift A Stone Challenge 2018

shift a stone challenge

Do you want to Shift A Stone in time for Christmas?

Want to drop a dress size while toning up?

Want to flatten your stomach and increase your energy?

Then this Challenge is for you!

Take A Moment To Ask Yourself

Am I happy with how I look and feel right now?

Do I always feel energetic or do I drag myself through each day?

Do I feel low in confidence with my body and in clothes?

Now take a moment and ask yourself this:

How would I feel in 8 weeks time if I lost 10-14 lbs?

How would I feel if I dropped a dress size in time to wear lovely clothes to the Christmas events?

Would I feel more confident and improve my self esteem by simply exercising and eating better for 8 Weeks?

How The Shift A Stone Challenge Can Help You Achieve All That

Our last Shift A Stone Challenge saw a group of 7 people drop a combined total of 86lbs and 89 inches.

That’s an average of 12 lbs and 12.75 inches EACH.

Now think again for a moment.

If you dropped 12 lbs and melted off 12 inches of unwanted fat from your body, would you look and feel better?


Your clothes would be so much looser, your stomach flatter and you’d be looking toned.

People would be asking you “what are you doing, you look amazing?”.

You’d be confident entering any room without the need to hide under dark clothes.

You could go clothes shopping without hating what you see in the mirror.

And you’d feel so much healthier and energetic also.

The above results were achieved by regular people, working jobs and taking care of kids.

They didn’t turn off their lifestyle or have to eat kale every day.

They simply turned up and followed the plan for 8 weeks.

And so can you.

What The Shift A Stone Challenge Entails

  • 3 x weekly workouts in our friendly gym here in Boyle. Each session is no more than 60 minutes and you don’t need to worry if you don’t feel “fit” enough.
  • Weekly check-ins to assess progress and make the necessary alterations to keep you getting results. It also gives you a chance to ask questions and get feedback.
  • Simple yet effective nutritional coaching that is guaranteed to get results, once you do the work.
  • Full support and accountability throughout.
  • You get to train in our friendly and encouraging environment here in Boyle where nobody judges you. Instead, they want to see you do well, regardless of where you’re starting.

(The results above are averages from one programme, I’ve had clients drop 20lbs+ in the same timeframe).

So, are you ready to kick off your transformation and be looking great by December 1st?

If so, you can apply for our SAS Challenge by filling in your details below.

The Challenge kicks off this coming Monday the 8th of October.

Only a few spaces remain.

Sign up now!

**By filling in the details below, you agree to being contacted by StrongLife Gym using the contact details you have supplied**

Shift A Stone Challenge


Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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