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She was shocked that it was over 10 inches

She was shocked that it was over 10 inches

Hold on a second gutter brain, don’t be getting carried away. I’m simply talking about Aoife’s results from training with us here, following our training programs and working with us on developing better nutrition to suit her lifestyle.

Ya see, Aoife has been a bit of a star since she joined here back in April

And I’m sickened that she’s leaving to go travelling around South America before moving on to a new job

But I’m delighted to have been able to help her reach such progress and she has been an absolute delight to work with.

Back in April, Aoife joined having long contemplated it but lacked the courage to do so. She finally bit the bullet and it has paid off.

She ran our 6 Week Bodyfat Blitz program and then became a member after since she loved it so much (and she got some kick ass results from it)

But the best thing about it all is

Since the 4th of April she last dropped 4.2kg and shrunk by 10.25 inches!!

That’s amazing progress in just under 12 weeks! I can only imagine what she can do in another 12 weeks

And we have done nothing fancy except for lifting weights 3 times a week, understanding her calorie requirements and working on improving her food choices over time.

We didn’t need to put her life on hold. She has had holidays, enjoyed weekends away, meals with friends and drinks. But she turned up every week, put in the work and has reaped the rewards.

That was simply it and it has worked perfectly for her.

And it can be that simple for you.

It’s just all about consistency.

Do the basics well and over time it pays off.

Happy Friday!

Colm “so inches do matter” Duignan

Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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