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See No Food, Eat No Food


So at the weekend, I finally got to go to Electric Picnic (been talking about it for 4 years but never took action – more on that later) and I’m currently dieting down for my next comp. But wandering around the arena on Saturday really proved the whole “see no food, eat no food” thing.

Pretty much everywhere you went, there was at least 5 food stalls in sight and you could smell food everywhere you went.

When it comes to keeping your nutrition on track, it’s really hard to keep it together when you’re surrounded by food.

Now I tried my hardest, but there was so much nice food it was hard to resist (although I held it together pretty well and made the best food choices from what was available)

And when it comes to willpower, you only have so many “No’s” you can say.

Let’s elaborate on it for a second.

So everyday, you have so many No’s you can use when it comes to food. This will vary depending on your own willpower. For some, it can be 1, for others it can be 10+

So the more No’s you need to expend throughout the day, the quicker you will run out and that No will eventually turn into a Yes.

Ever sit in a room with a tin of biscuits on the table?

You tell yourself no a few times.

The more you see others eat them, the harder those No’s become.

Eventually you break and it becomes a Yes.

So an easier way of saving up your No’s is to remove yourself from situations where you are tempted to indulge.

That way you can avoid the mental battle of saying No and it will assist you in getting through the day without breaking.

It’s like how we all know that once it comes into the house, it will eventually get eaten regardless of how strong of willpower you have!

By removing the temptation and mental battle it should start to ease your decision making and help keep you on track.

Another option is to plan your food choices if going to social occasions so you have it in your head what you’re going to stick to when you get there. (and no, I don’t advocate bringing Tupperware to social occasions).

It’s not going to happen instantly but over time you will build up a better resilience to it and gather a few more No’s for situations where you need some extra willpower to get through.

Keep working on it and in the long term it will pay off.


P.s. It was my first time ever at a festival without being drunk and I had 1 pint! I don’t know what has happened me!

Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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