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The SAS Challenge Progress – Weeks 1 & 2

shift a stone challenge

So we’re now wrapping up week 2 of the SAS Challenge (That’s the “Shift A Stone Challenge”) and the results are rolling in.

Since Monday I’ve been taking follow up measurements to ensure we’re all on the right track and to make any changes for the week ahead.

As it stands, a total of 16.4kg has been lost among the participants with Anne and Siobhan losing over 2kg and 3kg respectively.

Depending on people’s current body composition and their individual goals, a steady loss of 0.8kg per week will bring us up to 6.4kg lost over the 8 Weeks which will hit our targets nicely.

So it’s great that right now the average loss is 1kg after the first round of check-ins.

This week I’m only doing weigh-ins with everyone and I enforced it to make sure no-one can hide if they slipped up over the weekend.

By having to check-in with me early in the week it has already positively influenced people’s compliance over the weekend.

Let’s hope it goes to plan this weekend too!

We’ve not had to eliminate any food groups, nor will we ever be.

Everyone has gotten their tailored calorie requirements based on their activity levels and their BMR.

Food is getting tracked daily and once people are in a good groove we can then ease off on the tracking providing they don’t slip backwards.

Sure even some of them are complaining that they can’t eat enough which is great!

The training overall has been running very smooth even for people knew to the gym.

Last week was a high intensity programme aimed at getting any newbies up to speed as quickly as possible while also hitting the regulars hard too!

This week is Strength and Conditioning week working on building up their strength, hitting some targeted muscle groups and also working up a sweat at the end of each session.

The girls have taken on the challenge of Chinups (band assisted) no problem and a few even surprised themselves (whilst also been terrified of hanging out of a band).

Measurements and weight are due to be taken again early next week and I’ll update you on the progress then!

Have a good weekend!


Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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