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SAS Challenge: Fiona, Denise and Mary’s progress so far

SAS Challenge

So the Bank Holiday weekend marks the halfway point in our SAS Challenge – (Shift A Stone).

In the first 4 weeks, we have Denise, John and Siobhan all very close to having lost a stone already!

As a group, there’s a total of 77lbs dropped and over 100 inches melted off.

And today, the three lunatics that are Fiona, Denise and Mary are going to fill you in on how they’re doing.

So I’ll let them take it away:

Fiona – “I needed this programme to get me back on track after the summer. I’m not going to lie, it is tough but with the atmosphere in StrongLife it makes it so much easier to go in and train.

So far, I’ve gone from a size 12 to a size 10 in 4 weeks and I feel great about myself. My confidence is up and I feel a lot better about going into a changing room to try on clothes which can be a make or break for my mood.

Colm is always on hand to give advice or to show how an exercise should be done. It doesn’t matter how many times you ask him he is always there to help (or give a kick up the ass). Thanks Colm”

Fiona has done brilliant so far. Her aim was to primarily tone up and so far she has dropped almost 6 lbs in weight while shedding over 8 inches off her body. With another 4 weeks to go she’s well on track.

Mary – “StrongLife and the SAS Challenge has given me the knowledge to mix exercise and healthy eating together and still not missing out on a few treats. 

Colm is always on hand to advise me, listen to me and set me on the right track. Even when things don’t go as well as I would like and I’m feeling frustrated the encouragement is always there. Roll on the coming weeks and months of training”

For anyone that knows Mary, she’s non stop on the go between family life and out working on her fitness. So for Mary it wasn’t a case of getting her weight down, it was more so to improve her nutrition to benefit her training and improve body composition. So far she’s down 4lbs on the scales however she has shed 10 inches off her body in the last 4 weeks!

Denise – “I felt I needed to do something and the SAS Challenge was the push I needed. It has been hard at times but with the help and encouragement of Colm and the other 2 nutters (Mary & Fiona) I’ve done it.

I’m still eating the foods that I like but with a better understanding of nutrition I’m losing the pounds and inches every week which is brilliant. I’m also feeling so much better in my clothes.”

Denise is a real star of the show here on the SAS Challenge. She has shifted 11lbs off the scales and dropped a whopping 12 inches overall! Fantastic work!


Now first of all, I want to admit that the above comments had to be heavily edited. If you happen to know the 3 women in question then you understand what I mean! They’d get me in trouble if I put up what they really had said!

But the results are 100% and they’re absolutely fantastic to have in the gym. Every session they land in for they bring such energy and life to the place and the time flies by.

It even gets to the stage where I wonder is it possible to have so much craic and still be getting great results but they’re proving it.

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