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Do You Replace Alcohol With Food?

alcohol with food

I dunno about you, but Saturday nights can be pretty long if you’re not going out. And one thing I used to do was replace alcohol with food…

Let me elaborate.

Come Saturday night, if I wasn’t going out I’d think of all the calories I was “saving” by not drinking.

Now by 8pm I’d have that lightbulb moment where I’d think

“Sure if I’m not going out, I’ll just eat the same calories I’d have drank anyways”

Solid logic, I know.

But strangely, it seems that it’s not just me. I’ve spoken to quite a few who do it too.

Are you guilty of it too?

Loading up the table with chocolate, crisps, a takeaway etc.

But why do we really do it?

  • Boredom is most definitely a huge issue. Watching tv doesn’t exactly stimulate the mind which means you have a lot of idle time. Generally this leads to “passing the time” by spending the evening from hand to mouth grazing on biscuits, chocolate etc.
  • Poor planning is another and was my biggest downfall – by not having planned my meals for the day (even by simply knowing in my head what I was going to eat and when) I’m in far more control and has benefited me massively.
  • Another is the whole socially accepted view that “sure it’s Saturday”.

Now I do believe that one day a week you should be able to loosen up on what you eat, but you must be conscious of what calories you’re consuming still.

You MUST control your junk food intake.

It takes time to work on it.

It can even feel weird at first, like you’re missing out on something.

So if you do like to enjoy a little indulgence at the weekend, here’s what you can do:

  • Plan your indulgence and know the calories you’re going to use on it
  • Plan your main meals as normal for during the day so you don’t completely abandon your goals.
  • You can actually tweak your weekly calories to allow you to “up” your weekend calories to incorporate meals out, deserts, indulgences etc. This way, over the course of a week you can still average a calorie deficit to ensure fat loss.

Nutrition doesn’t need to be hard or complicated. Most of all, if doesn’t need to be highly restrictive and make your life hell.

Too many diets are extreme and totally unsustainable.

My aim is to have you enjoy your diet and training while still being able to drop fat, tone up and get fitter.

It may be a bit slower than the extreme methods, but it’s ACHIEVABLE.

Not only that, it delivers results.


The sooner you understand Energy Balance the sooner you will understand the foundations to weight loss.


Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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