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Regaining Weight After A Diet


We’ve all been there. You do so good on for 6 – 12 weeks only to rebound after you finish the diet and put all the weight (if not more) back on.

It’s frustrating as hell.

You feel like you’ve wasted your time.

Like it’s just not meant to happen for you.

You just want to look and feel great

You’re back to square one and it can be a real struggle to get going again.

Not only that, but you’re afraid it’ll just happen again.

That’s where StrongLife diet coaching is different.

You don’t just get a diet to follow that when you finish it, you don’t know what to do to keep the weight off.

Two the primary reasons why people rebound are:

  • Failure to be educated as to what they’re doing as part of the diet
  • Failure to be educated as to what to do when the diet ends

The whole meal plan thing doesn’t work because once you eat outside that meal plan, it’s easy to have a “well I fecked that up so may as well keep eating” moment. Instead, it’s better to respect what you’re doing and your choices – look, if you’re eating chocolate and pizza then you need to accept that you’re probably not going to make progress in a hurry. Don’t go pretending like it didn’t happen.

Another huge factor is being put on a highly restrictive diet that is not sustainable long term (meaning, you can’t enjoy foods you like so as soon as the diet ends you go bat sh*t crazy and eat them all to excess which piles the weight back on)

The amount of times I want to hit my head off a wall when people tell me they paid €150 for a 9 day detox where you essentially don’t eat food and survive off fluids.

Of course you will lose “weight” doing that. Unfortunately, majority will be water, emptying of glycogen stores and having a very low stomach content due to no food.

For anyone that has done this, the response is normally the same – They lose X amount of lbs on the diet but gain it all back on within 2 weeks of finishing.

What should you look for in a diet?

  1. It’s sustainable a.k.a you can see yourself doing it for 6+months
  2. You learn and understand nutrition as you progress through the diet
  3. It supports your goals, nourishes your body and enhances your life
  4. Your diet is varied, includes foods you enjoy while still appreciating energy balance
  5. You don’t have to put your life on hold just to shift a few pounds
  6. By the end of the weight loss diet phase, you can then maintain your weight without the risk of rebounding

Unfortunately, our diet coaching doesn’t sound sexy enough to many because we don’t promise a quick fix.

Instead, we focus on working with people who appreciate that this takes time and by educating them they can reap the benefits for the rest of their lives.

But if you aren’t afraid of spending time working on your nutrition and wanting to get a real push to kickstart your weight loss, our “Shift A Stone Challenge” will be launching at the end of the month.

It’s an 8 Week Challenge to help you lose a stone through our training and diet coaching and most importantly educate you on how to keep it off after the challenge.

Not only that, but there’s going to be a prize for the winner!


Pop your details in below and I’ll send you more info next week.

Shift A Stone Challenge

Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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