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Do You Really Want That Treadmill?


Quite regularly, I get people enquiring if I have treadmills in the gym…

And to be perfectly honest, I can guarantee that at some point in their lives a treadmill has been sitting in their shed covered in boxes and old clothes (I even had one – but it was mainly covered in cats).


He forgot to turn the treadmill on

But to dig a bit deeper – You don’t really want a treadmill do you?

You want to get results.

You want to lose weight, feel more confident, fit into nice clothes again, feel healthy and great, you want to look better naked and feel sexy.

You want to achieve all that; however you’ve been conditioned into thinking that the only way to lose weight and look great is to go running.

But the treadmill isn’t the answer.

The treadmill represents you becoming more active and unfortunately it’s probably one of the few pieces of gym equipment you know how to use.

The treadmill is your safe zone. You know you won’t make an eejit of yourself on it by “doing it wrong”.

But rarely does it produce the desired result you’re looking for.

More often than not, it becomes a hatred exercise. You pound away on it week after week but the scales doesn’t budge, your jeans don’t get any looser and you ain’t getting toned.

Now the treadmill can be used, but as a component to your training (I’d much rather see you get outside). It shouldn’t solely focus around it and what miles you’re doing every week.

If you’re serious about dropping some weight, toning up and feeling much better in yourself then it’s time to remove yourself from the old way of thinking, start picking up some weights and working on understanding your body and nutrition better.

It’ll pay off far better in the long run.

Want a curvy booty? Lift weights and eat better.

Want toned arms and legs? Lift weights and eat better

Want to see progress week after week in the gym? Lift weights and eat better.

Want to burn fat and look the biz in nice clothes? Lift weights and eat better.

Supplement your training with some form of cardio/conditioning stuff to ramp up your fitness and burn some extra calories.

So, do you still really want that treadmill in the gym?

If not, then in September I’m going to be running a “Learn To Lift” workshop where I’ll teach 6-8 people all the need to know to get started in the gym and make some serious progress.

Stay tuned.

Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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