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How PT Client Lisa Dropped Over 11Ibs In 4 Weeks

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So here we have yet ANOTHER StrongLife Success story from Boyle’s own Lisa who dropped over 11 lbs in 4 weeks on her PT plan here up to Christmas.

Coming to the end of November, Lisa got in touch to enquire about training.

She had been going to the gym and doing classes but wasn’t happy.

So she wanted to change things up and get some personal training to add a new dimension to her training.

Now before I go on any longer, I’ll let you hear from Lisa herself:

What Made You Look For A Personal Trainer?

After coming home from three months of traveling, I really struggled to get back into my routine of going to the gym in the evenings after work and eating well.

I started back in my usual gym and got a program put together for me but I found the program very general.

I wasn’t getting anywhere and I was only putting on more and more weight and working myself into a rut.

So I decided to look for a personal trainer because I wanted something new, more personalised and I also needed more guidance about weighted exercises.

Why Did You Choose StrongLife Gym For PT

I heard about StrongLife through a friend who was raving about it, so I looked it up.

I was really impressed from reading the results that different people achieved and the different programs that was available.

Then when I messaged Colm he gave a great deal for a bundle of sessions and I just decided to go for it!

How Have You Found It

I’ve really enjoyed the 4 weeks of training in StrongLife.

Not only did I get better results than I expected but it was great fun and the work felt a lot easier in such a relaxed environment and I learned so much!

I’ll really miss it when I move back to Dublin but I definitely will be checking back in whenever I’m home!

What Results Have You Seen Here?

I started off in StrongLife to lose weight and tone up, but I also feel so much stronger and confident.

My posture has changed and I now know how to do exercises properly whereas before I was doing them wrong from copying other people in the gym.

I’m over the moon with my results after just 4 weeks.

Would You Recommend It?

I would recommend StrongLife to anyone who wants to work out in a relaxed and fun environment.

It’s good for people who like the craic and not interested in checking themselves out while working out.

For anyone who needs a bit of guidance to lose weight/tone up or even just to learn how to do weighted exercises properly, I couldn’t recommend a better trainer!

And Finally, How Good Are Colm’s Jokes?

Walking in the first day was nerve wrecking but my mood was quickly lightened with Colm messing around.

The atmosphere is completely different to any gym I went to before, there’s always a bit of craic and ya can feel the abs burning from laughing .. even if it is because he’s a bit simple!!


Sigh – I really wish that was the first time a girl referred to me as simple.

But let’s hope it means easy to please!

Lisa’s Amazing Results, Not Just On The Scales

For me as a Personal Trainer, I do love seeing clients see results.

But for me, it’s more than just the scales and tape.

On Lisa’s first day, she was shy and lacking in confidence.

And in only 4 weeks she completely transformed herself both mentally and physically.

She dropped over 11lbs and 9.5 inches which is fantastic for such a short time-frame.

4 of those inches came straight off her stomach too!

But to see her confidence surge in those weeks was great.

It’s always rewarding to see someone beaming with a smile again instead of being insecure about how they feel.

And she’s really taking to training so well.

She has worked on her techniques and is getting really strong every week which is very empowering to girls.

Because as she heads back to Dublin, she’s going to much more confident in busy gyms.

It won’t take her long to be pushing her way into the weights area and keep on training so well.

I just hope she won’t have any more mishaps with Fruitfield marmalade or Fig Rolls like she did mid-December!

But overall, she’s been such a great client to train.

She always turned up with a positive attitude, even at 7am.

Every session was so much fun, yet she still seen tremendous results!

So well done Lisa, you’ve done serious so far.

Keep the head down and we’ll easily hit your 2019 goals!

Colm Duignan