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Why You Should Prioritise Your Health Now, Not Later


At some point in your life you’re going to have to prioritise your health.

And this comes in 2 scenarios:

  1. You prioritise your health to enhance your life, longevity, health and fitness regardless of your age.
  2. You wait until you get a health scare and are told by a doctor that it’s time to start fixing your health.

Unfortunately, for many we wait until #2 falls upon us.

You get a routine check-up and the doctor notices things may not be running good under the hood.

So then you have to start trying to undo the damage.

Whereas if we prioritise our health throughout all our life, we generally tend to improve the quality of our life, remain healthier for longer and maintain a certain quality of life.

And of course our priorities change as we age.

How Our Values Change As We Age

In your teenage years you value looking good, having abs, being toned and being able to chat up girls/boys.

You crave being viewed as attractive and you want to excel at sports.

And you are highly impressionable by what you see online so you feel the need to ‘fit in’ to a certain way of looking.

This generally carries through into your twenties also.

And throughout our 20’s, we think we’re invincible.

By the time you hit 30, you’re probably asking yourself why your lower back is always sore or that knee feels a bit wonky.

The ‘comfort belly’ has appeared from being in a long term relationship or maybe you’re even married.

Your jeans size has increased with your age and you punched a new hole in your belt.

By your mid thirties, you now start worrying about your health as you want to be able to play with the kids.

That one day you had to chase your little fella made you realise how easy you get out of breath.

Between work, family and life, sports only exist on the tv.

From 50 years of age onwards you now prioritise staying healthy enough to see your grandchildren grow up.

You want to be able to have fun with them and be able to keep up.

You fear not being able to enjoy their energy.

But you may also fear that it’s too late to start.

But the good news is that it never is too late.

How Our Environment Affects Our Fitness

As our environment evolves with technology, we are slowly becoming less and less active.

Jobs have switched from manual labour to desks.

You no longer have to buy and prep food as you can get some delivered with a phone call.

We’re all so busy that we choose quick foods over sitting down with the family for a meal each evening.

And when we do, we’re normally buried in a phone, watching TV or on an i-pad.

As we evolve, we continue to create ways to make things easier for us.

But this in turn makes us less active.

We really have to do so little for ourselves these days.

Automation is everywhere we look.

It has got to the stage where we have to schedule time for us to move about and exercise.

We’ve moved away from being physically active every day to just a few hours a week.

Yet movement is one of the key ways to retain your youth, maintain your health and massively impact your own mental health and well-being.

Your Health Is Your Wealth

We live in a time when we are consumed by material goods, flash cars and always wanting more money.

Yet none of that means a thing if you end up falling ill.

It’s an old saying my grandparents always said, yet I ignored.

But these days I see it becoming more and more apparent.

I work with many clients who want to become healthier for their kids, to set an example, to see them get married and start their own families.

Many clients want to improve their lifestyle which leads to them being able to do more in life.

Almost everyone wants to continue being able to do fun things throughout their life into old age.

So what can we do to keep us healthy and make the most of our life?

We can start by remaining active.

Exercise is a fantastic thing we can use to do amazing things with our body.

Not only that but it has so many benefits on our mood, mental health and overall well-being.

We can eat better.

By focusing on improving our diets, we can ensure we are healthy and continue to look and feel great.

You can still enjoy a nice meal out or the odd indulgence while keeping on top of things.

We can maintain a healthy bodyweight.

The biggest impact on your overall health is to maintain a healthy bodyweight.

If you are currently overweight, by simply losing weight you are definitely going to improve your overall health.

We can have more fun.

Just because our age depicts that we fall into the ‘adult’ category, doesn’t mean we can’t have fun.

Do more things that make you laugh, regardless of how silly it is.

Because the only people who will judge you are the ones who are jealous, or maybe they’re just boring aul farts.


The role of health, fitness and nutrition is to add value to our lives.

We want to ensure we can continue to live a fun, healthy and active life filled with adventure.

And we can always work on keeping things that way by focusing on moving more, eating smartly and having fun.

So we should prioritise our health every day instead of waiting until our backs are against the wall.

We can focus on preventing any potential health issues arising in the future, rather than wait and seek treatment.

There’s never a better time to get started than today.

I’m always more than happy to help anyone get started.


Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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