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The Pressure Of Social Media

Social Media is great isn’t it?

Yet it’s messing with your head without you knowing it…

How many times have you broken your diet and felt guilty, only to flick open Facebook or Instagram and see guys and girls with abs staring back at you…

Makes you feel miserable, right?

Social media is most definitely making people with body image issues worse…

We have it hard enough putting in the hours required to improve our physiques, health and fitness yet it’s very easy to be disheartened by looking at these “ideal” physiques on social media…

And here’s a big winner for you:

If Social Media de-motivates you, then stop looking at it!!

What you do not see or hear will not affect your mindset and will make you feel happier about your own progress.

Another issue we can have with the ideal images on SM are the ones that show people in pain training for their goal.

Now that’s all good and well, but for the under confident guy looking to finally break the habit and get into a gym, the last thing he needs is to think that it’s going to cause him immense pain.

Being straight up, get in, do your thing and enjoy the process.

Work on yourself and your own goals and not what you are surrounded by every time you flick open your phone.

Never be under pressure to look “that” way as is portrayed to be appealing on SM.

Another thing you really need to appreciate is – how long that person has been training, their ethnicity, their age and their genetics.

Never compare yourself to someone who is the polar opposite to you.

And finally, a lot of those photo’s are from professional photo shoots which means that the model will have trained and dieted specifically for it. They may not look like that all year round.

So what can you do to help yourself?

Start focusing more on yourself, your own training and assessing your own results.

You’re doing this for yourself, so keep the focus on you.

Stick with it and enjoy the process.

Peace out.

Colm Duignan


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Internet FitPro

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