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The Pressure Of Getting A Perfect Body

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We all want the perfect body, but in reality, it comes at a cost.

And the pressure associated around achieving a “society approved” perfect body is ever increasing.




Everywhere you look, your mind is being pounded with images of people with this so called “perfect body”.

The downside of this?

Your feeling of self worth and happiness with your body image grinds away.

Before you know it, you feel like sh*t and are disgusted by your body.

A position I want nobody to be in. Ever.

One of the reasons I don’t have mirrors in the gym is this:

Have you ever accidentally caught a glimpse of your reflection and you were disgusted with what you seen?

Yeah, it’s pretty horrible.

It can immediately demolish your mood, increase your negative self image and kill confidence levels even though nobody else may ever look at you like that.

Over time this can lead to greater issues like a deteriorating relationship with food, an addiction with exercise and an ever increasing amount of pressure to try and get this holy grail of a body just so you can fit the image rammed in front of you every day.

The rise of Instagram has only gone and added fuel to a fire that has already been burning inside of guys and girls for years and years now.

You have people self proclaiming to be “Inspiring people to becoming more empowered and in love with their body regardless of how they look”.

Yet these very same people won’t take a selfie without having a face full of makeup, lashes, tan, hair and nails done for their 6.30am gym session.

The lads that post topless pics every day of the week and try sell you online coaching.

The only thing they inspire is me to smash my head off a table.

Now don’t get me wrong, achieving ripped physiques is very impressive and takes quite a lot of work, but I’m just looking at it from the angle of the regular person who may be unhappy with how they look, struggle with their body image and are low on confidence.

My tip for Social Media:

If someone you follow only post semi naked pics of themselves 200 times a day then just unfollow.

Stick to the ones who are genuinely putting out quality information and are making you feel better about yourself, not adding to your desire to have a “perfect body”.


Spend more time working on what YOU want.

Become happier, more confident, healthier and live a more fulfilling life rather than chasing these ideals forced upon you.

There’s more to life than constantly trying to fit in.

Drop a few lbs, get fitter, feel healthier, improve confidence, mood and relationships.

Whatever means something to you, go do it.

Do it for you, not because of what you see online.

You’ve 1 life, live yours, not someone else’s.


P.s. I haven’t seen an Ab since 2011 and I am happier, more confident and living a better life all round.

The way you look shouldn’t impact your quality of life.

Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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