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What Your Personal Trainer Cannot Do For You

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Today, I’m giving you the harsh reality about what your personal trainer cannot do for you.
You may not like it, but it’s the truth.
Are you ready?

What Your Personal Trainer Cannot Do For You

Your trainer CANNOT make you lose weight.
Your trainer CANNOT make you fitter.
They CANNOT make you toned and sexy.
But what can they do?
They CAN lay out the blueprint for you to follow.
They can show you exactly what you need to do, support you and keep you accountable.
Only YOU can lose the weight, get fitter and tone up.
You sign up to a trainer so they can lay out the plan required to get you to your goals.
It’s like someone opening a door for you.
Once it’s open, it’s up to you to walk through it.
Nobody can push you through it.
It’s up to you to take the opportunity.
You HAVE to turn up and put the work in.

It Doesn’t Need To Be Perfect

There’s a saying – an average plan executed perfectly is much better than a perfect plan done half assed.
Stop looking for the holy grail if you want to lose weight or run a 10km or look good on the beach.
Instead, follow the proven methods and advice and actually start putting in the work.
Nobody else can do it for you.
Your trainer can’t follow you around slapping food from your mouth.
They can’t call to your house and drag you off the couch to go exercise.
They can’t do the training for you.
At some point, you will need to strap on those adult pants and become accountable.
Your actions will always determine your outcome.
So get to work right away and work on your discipline.
You’ll thank me in a few weeks.
Start the week right.
Hope you have a good week.
Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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