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The One Book You Should NOT Read In 2020


If there was one book I could convince you NOT to buy in 2020, it would be….

The Secret‘.

I wouldn’t even buy it as a door stop.

And here’s why:

The whole premise of the book is the law of attraction and using your thoughts to change things.

Recently, there’s been a huge rise in manifestation, shoving crystals up your bum and focusing on positive vibes only.

And it’s fuelled a lot by these ‘mindset gurus’ on social media.

Now this may all sound enlightening.

Why not focus on positives, good energy and remove all negativity?

It’s because you end up creating an insulated bubble for yourself.

You sell yourself an illusion.

And you avoid the uncomfortable truth.

Life isn’t always fair.

You WILL face adversity, challenges and hardships at some point.

And without negativity, you float along thinking life is amazing.

But once that bubble bursts, everything implodes.

Should Be Just Be Positive, Or Actually Face Up To Challenges?

Because you removed yourself from all forms of challenges, adversity or hardship, you cost yourself the ability on how to deal with it.

We live in a world where mental health and depression are major issues, but if you look online, everyone talks positive vibes only. (Especially on Tinder bios).

Every day your news feed is full of motivational quotes and positive thoughts.

But where’s the reality?

The stress.
The struggles.
The challenges.

The reality.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking everything in life should be rosy just by manifesting it, or buying crystals, oils or going to a retreat in Bali.

Learn how to deal with life and everything that comes with it.

Handle the stress better, face up to hardships and tackle your challenges.

And don’t be afraid to work for it.

Because nobody ever got anywhere in life by just thinking positively.

Instead of dreaming it, work on building the life you want.


Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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