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Why You Are Not Losing Weight And How To Fix

So today I’m going to cover why you’re not losing weight.
And I’m mainly going to look at the topic of ‘confirmation bias’.
Now first of all, I’m going to have to dive into what confirmation bias is first of all.

What Is Confirmation Bias

Confirmation bias is where you you generally tend to focus on evidence/topics/information that supports the beliefs you already hold.
We do so to further validate our approach and values.
But confirmation bias can actually prevent us from learning/educating and enhancing ourselves.
When it comes to lack of weight loss, you may start thinking it’s your metabolism, thyroid, carbs or that nothing ever works for you. (delete as appropriate).
In these scenarios, you can easily find yourself reading and researching information that supports your belief.
Say you think you have a slow metabolism – you google it, read a few articles and BINGO – you have found enough evidence to support your belief why you cannot lose weight.
When it comes to confirmation bias, we are simply putting the blinkers on and avoiding looking at things objectively.
Because when we look at it objectively, we may actually find out we are WRONG.
And I’ve yet to meet someone who actually enjoys being wrong.
We hate it.
We never want to be told that what we’ve just been doing is incorrect or just ineffectual.
But the truth is this – we learn best from what we get wrong more so than what we get right.
Remember that embarrassing or terrible thing you did at work/night out/college?
Yeah, I bet you learned from it and vowed to never let that happen again, right?
So when it comes to weight loss, we have to look at things objectively.

Why You’re Not Losing Weight

The number 1 reason that prevents your weight loss is the over-consumption of calories.
Whether that is a conscious decision at a weekend when you just say ‘f*ck it’ and eat a small village, or it’s more of a deeply ingrained poor habit that is a subconscious driver of your snacking/eating.
Until we look at things objectively, we cannot make the necessary changes to kickstart your weight Ioss.
And I totally understand, when you’re genuinely trying everything to lose weight, yet it’s not moving it can cause so much frustration and stress.
It’s why fad diets/products are multi-million businesses.
Because when you’re already trying hard but not getting anywhere, those feelings of frustration leaves you susceptible to being duped by smart marketers.
Lose 9Ibs in 9 days? Yes please.
Drink some aloe vera and fart glitter? Sign me up!
Apple cider vinegar to undo that tub of Ben & Jerrys? I’ll take 10 litres please!
It’s one of the downfalls of StrongLife Gym.
We do things ethically.
Which means we don’t sell you false promises.
We don’t sell you Unicorns and Santa.
We just sell you the tried and tested methods that WORK.

What Do We Do?

We deliver the benefits of lifting weights to transform your body and mind – whether that’s ditching the bingo wings and love handles, or building a big chest and arms.
We deliver evidence based nutritional advice so you can be sure we didn’t just pluck it out of ones anus.
And we are realistic – you will have great weeks, you will have bad weeks. But we’re here to keep you on track long term, keep you motivated and continue to let you train and improve yourself week by week.
We don’t expect you to quit your life and spend hours on end in the gym just to lose a few pounds.
And sure we can always add in the bit of crazy to keep you entertained too!
Why not give it a try?
Our 28 Day Transformation Challenge kicks off on Monday the 28th.
It delivers everything you need to shed some Ibs and inches, tone up and start feeling great.
The perfect tonic to kickstart your summer.
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