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What Made Noelle Choose StrongLife Gym


Today, it’s Noelle Sammon’s turn to tell you why she chose to join StrongLife Gym.

First of all, throughout this article, she may be referred to as Nelly Belly, Sammon of Knowledge or as she prefers to be called – just Noelle.

I’ve dropped the ball recently because it’s been quite busy here.

So here we are on the 4th of August and I’m only just writing about our Member of the Month for June 2018.

So before I go rambling, Noelle is going to take it away.

What Made You Join StrongLife Gym

I joined Stronglife Gym in March this year for a number of reasons some personal and some practical. 

Some of my personal reasons included the fact I am getting married in December and wanted to do something to lose weight and tone up. 

Secondly, due to work and college commitments I had let my fitness drop. 

This was also partly laziness on my part, because I was working out at home it was easy for me to make excuses.

And I was bored, I wasn’t pushing myself and because I wasn’t linked in with a gym or trainer I wasn’t been pushed.

The practical reasons I joined though were: A) I found that when I contacted Colm he cut through the nonsense, he didn’t make me any promises but he did encourage me to give the gym a try.

B) I had heard really positive things about the gym from others who have joined.

C) Convenience.  This was probably one of the biggest factors that honestly got me through the door.  I can go on the way home from work as I have to pass through Boyle. 

D. Colm has great jokes*  (*Nelly Belly may not have said this).

What Has Been The Biggest Benefit To You?

The variety of the plans, Colm individualises the plans which is so important for me especially as I have an old knee injury which does limit me in some ways. 

From day one Colm wanted to focus on building strength and ensuring my knee wasn’t at risk. 

Also, because the plans are individualised  and they don’t focus on one area, I know I am working at a level suitbale for me without risking injury and I can definitely see huge changes which is improving my body confidence and motivation. 

I also find that in Stronglife there is a real sense of community, I have gotten to know so many new people and formed new friendships. 

I have found it just a really encouraging and enjoyable place to train. 

Everybody is in the same boat and I know if I don’t know what I’m doing I can ask or I will be reminded how to do it. 

That has not always been my experience in gyms, but it is something I have never felt in Stronglife.  In-fact I look forward to going to the gym on the way home.

Tell Us About Your Achievements Here.

I definitely feel I have gotten physically stronger and my mindset has shifted. 

I am improving all the time and am working steadily towards my goal. 

The goal initially was to lose weight, and while I am slowly doing that (can’t be good all the time) my goal has evolved. 

I now just want to feel positive about myself and not focus on the numbers on the scale as much as I have done in the past. 

Don’t get me wrong I still stand up on the scale and there are days its not the number I would like to see but it don’t beat myself up about as much as i would have in the past. 

Instead I try and draw a line under it.

Would You Recommend It And Why?

I would definitely recommend Stronglife Gym to people for a variety of reasons. 

For me, Colm’s focus seems to be about getting the best out of people and helping them reach their potential. 

That for me is so important as I certainly feel I am constantly improving despite some limitations. 

Secondly the strong sense of community, means I enjoy going to the gym and I don’t start trying to think of justifiable reasons not to go as I have done in the past.   

For me feeling supported to work hard to achieve my goals in such a welcoming environment is amazing.

Well Done!

So there you have Noelle’s story, straight from the trouts mouth!

Since joining, Noelle has been a fantastic addition to the gym.

Even if some days it does feel like she only comes in to rise me to the limits where I almost go sit in the car.

With quite a serious knee injury, my focus has always been to ensure here safety, build her strength and balance out issues where she would have overcompensated while injured.

Even with a recent assessment by a physio, everything is going to plan perfectly.

(For anyone with an injury, you can easily feel like a gym isn’t for you.

However, if we are sensible with your training then you will soon realise how much you can still do.)

She always turns up, gets her work done and has a few too many chats about rugby and dogs.

A positive attitude is always brought into the gym and it has really helped with others who have become friends with her.

While I do feel like she judges me quite a lot when I go on my little ramblings, I’m glad to have her here.

Since joining, she has dropped lots of inches, lbs and is so much stronger and moving well.

She’s well on track to be looking amazing on her wedding day.

So I suppose we’ll turn it up a notch to make sure she’s delighted in her dress on the day.

Well done Noelle and keep the good work up!


P.s. We always have room for new people!

Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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