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Why “No Pain, No Gain” Will Leave You Broken

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If you’ve been anywhere near a gym, you’ll know that saying “No Pain, No Gain”.

And being perfectly honest, I think it’s such a pile of sh*t.

It gets spouted out by people who like to throw “extreme” workouts at people and leave them in a heap.

But my biggest problem is that gym newbies automatically think that they should be in pain.

Now if you’re relatively new to the gym, then yes, you will be sore.

But the whole mantra of “No Pain, No Gain” can easily cause problems.

Let me really simple here:

Pain is a sign that something in your body is not functioning correctly.

So if you continue to keep training on something that is currently dysfunctional and causing your pain, then the only way that’s going to go is you making the whole issue worse.

Which in the long run means a longer rehabilitation process, time off training and what may have been a minor issue now becoming a bigger one.

When it comes to training, you should be in discomfort, not pain.

What I mean by that is:

  • You’ll be sweaty
  • Breathing heavier
  • Suffering from muscle soreness post exercises

All things that will recover from withing minutes to 48 hours after your session.

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness is normal and generally recovers within 48-72 hours (we all know that Day 2 pain after Squats).

But if you feel pain during exercise which is then causing your problems on an ongoing basis you need to start training smarter.

So if something is sore, we need to start looking at WHY it is sore.

A lot of the time it’s a dysfunctional movement pattern, poor mobility in a joint, muscular imbalances or simply a lack of understanding how to engage the muscles and do the movement effectively.

As coaches, we can assess clients as we go along and work around limitations and add in work to start correcting imbalances.

If there’s restrictions in mobility then we can work on that too and get you moving better.

And most of all, we can prescribe you exercises that will allow you to continue to train without causing further problems.

There’s no need to be smashing yourself into the ground only to get injured.

That only leads to more frustration.

Be sensible and don’t be afraid to ask for help if you’re feeling niggles or pain.


Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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