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Why There’s No Mirrors In StrongLife Gym


If you’ve ever been to StrongLife Gym, you’ll notice one thing – there’s no mirrors.

Sometimes, I get asked, “could you get mirrors so I can look at my form.”

But I’m kind of old school in my coaching methods.

I focus on teaching people how to use their body, what they’re meant to feel and how they’re meant to use it.

That way, they can do exercises anywhere they want.

Beach workout, home workouts, in a park, up a mountain of even in a quiet corner of a gym.

By getting people tuned into their body and how it’s meant to feel, they don’t need to rely on external things just to perform a few kettlebell swings or squats.

But there’s also the other factor.

Why I Don’t Put In Mirrors

I care less about crop tops and vests in the gym.

I care more about seeing people turn up in whatever they’re comfy in and put in the work.

Whether that’s shorts and a GAA top or a pair of comfy leggings and a t-shirt out of Penneys, I couldn’t care less.

I only care about you putting in the work, learning and striving for progress.

I care less about Instagram selfies and videos.

Instead, I want anyone who is self conscious to feel comfortable in here.

I never want someone to catch a glimpse of themselves red faced, bent over with a stomach roll visible and suddenly become so trapped in their head of others seeing them that they avoid the gym.

And I never want someone using mirrors to pass judgement.

They may have their place, put for me, the more comfortable people feel in here, the more they can just crack on with training and push for results.

Build a better lifestyle for yourself.

And learn how to move your body no matter where you are.

Get strong, get fitter, get more athletic.


(I’ve also heard some horror stories lately which is becoming an issue in gyms).

Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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