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The New Revolutionary Diet!

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So let’s jump right in and talk about the New Revolutionary Diet that is always guaranteed to get you results for the REST of your LIFE!!

What is it you ask?

Well it’s the “Cut the Bullsh*t Diet”…

Not only are you to cut the BS you FEED yourself, but you’re also going to cut the BS that you TELL yourself..

So here’s the principles of the diet:

  • Cut out the sugar

By now, you really should know that in order to improve your body composition and drop fat you need to cut back on the sugar.

  • Eat lean protein at every meal.

Protein is the building blocks of everything you want to do. Guys looking to get big and jacked – eat more protein. Girls looking to get slick and sexy – eat more protein. Protein will keep you fuller for longer and therefore help you make better choices and not go on a rampage down the deli aisle!

  • Cut out carbs in a box

If your carbs come in a cardboard box or shiney packet, then put it in the bin. Stick to getting your carbs from real food sources and not processed foods.

  • Stick to real fats

Pretty much, if your fat source had to be made in a lab/factory so they could piece the ingredients all together, then ditch it. Stick to real butter, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, nuts, seeds and eggs.

  • Eat your vegetables or you’ll not get dessert!!!

It’s as simple as Pavel Tsatsouline said – “meat from strength, veggies for health”. Load your plate up with veggies as much as you can and use a range of colourful veg. Simple as.

  • Be an ADULT!

This I cannot stress enough. If every Saturday you run around the house stuffing yourself with chocolate and ice cream then you need to go sit in the bold corner. You’re a grown adult, take responsibility and eat like an adult.

Still reading? Good. Now here’s the important bit…

  • Caloric Restriction

If you are looking to drop fat, you MUST be running a calorie deficit. Now don’t go starving yourself, but you must be running a little below your calorie requirements in order to generate fat loss.

The best way is to keep your calories as high as possible (in a deficit still) so that it is more sustainable and you should be able to avoid falling off the wagon and binge eating.

We’ve all ran diets where we went way too low on calories and ended up eating half a village on a Sunday afternoon only to curl up in the foetal position in the corner of a dark room for the rest of the night…

Apply some common sense to your dieting and it is much more achievable, enjoyable and sustainable.

Have a good weekend!

Peace out.

Colm Duignan


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