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Why You Need A Personalised Gym Like Us

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So here at StrongLife Gym, I like to see it as a more personalised gym.

And having spoken to several clients recently, it really is just that!

The whole ‘vision’ of StrongLife was to avoid the following:

The isolation

Walking in the door of the gym with nobody knowing your name.

This is a very common one.

For a lot of people, they pay at the front door and then you’re on your own.

You can feel like you’re just a number.

Feeling like a gazelle

(okay, I may have been looking up too many nature documentaries).

But you know the feeling, you walk onto the gym floor and you’re suddenly like a deer in headlights.

Everyone looks like they know what they’re doing.

Yet here you stand, panicking, stressing because you haven’t a notion.

Oh look, a treadmill –  that’ll save me!

Not here sister, you’re gonna life weights, learn exercises and develop new found strength!

The Lack of Community/Friendships

(I find it cringey writing it but it’s true)

But in a world where we are isolated more than ever, building a little community in an industrial unit in the back arse of Boyle has been great.

Seeing people becoming friends with each other and having the craic is great to see.

And sure I’d talk the paint off the wall if I got the chance so people soon get used of it!

But its’ great to see.

Even when the odd client gets married/has a baby they’re all clambering around to see photo’s etc.

(I am sad to say that in almost 4 years I still haven’t managed to work my Cilla Black magic and get a marriage out of 2 clients here yet! But we’re trying!)

The StrongLife Way

For me, I want to make every single person that comes through the door feel comfortable.

I’m a pure soft eejit so I’m always trying to make you laugh, smile, or tell me to go away because I’m talking daft!

One of the best things about running a personalised gym is – I get to know people.

As soon as they come in the door, I can sense what kind of day they’re having.

Sad? I’ll make them laugh.

Mad? I’ll go hide in the car.

Happy? Well guess what, you’re now getting to enjoy my jokes!

But the other side of getting to know people is this:

I get to know their limits.

Everyone has niggles, injuries and stiffness.

So by getting to know people, I get to know where to take them through training plans.

Because my main mission is to have you train smartly, enjoy it and remain injury free.

The best training plan in the world is pointless if it keeps breaking you!

Another plus to the personalised way!

The Rewards

The biggest rewards for me over the years is seeing the change in people.

Not just physically, but mentally too.

Seeing someone who was low in confidence when they joined to now strutting around with their head held high is more rewarding than seeing someone add 20kg to a Squat.

This whole fitness & gym craic has many benefits that you don’t really realise until you try it.

And seeing the people in here transform themselves in many ways means they’re going to be enjoying a better life.

For me, that’s the biggest reward!

A great quote I heard in a recent Tim Ferris podcast was:

“Life is a game of confidence”

When you increase your confidence, you open more doors to doing things you’ll enjoy.

You’ll take more chances and enjoy life more.

And if hitting the gym a few times a week, making new friends and becoming a better version of yourself is one way of achieving that, then why not give it a go?

Our newest program – The Transform For Summer Challenge – kicks off on April 16th.

You can find out more here:

The StrongLife ‘Transform For Summer’ Challenge

(I’m away for 12 days from Thursday so ALL applicants will be contact as soon as I’m back)

Talk Soon


(The only drawback of a personalised gym is when clients tell you they can’t eat broccoli or else they’ve to stand out in a field with a strong breeze!!)

Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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