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Breakfast – Do You Need To Be Eating It?

Do I Need To Eat Breakfast?
A regular question I get asked is – “should I be eating breakfast?”
And a lot of this comes down to some fable that eating breakfast “stokes your metabolism”.
So the straight answer is – eating breakfast will not stoke your metabolism, nor will it determine if you will lose/gain weight.
The sole determinant in your diet is your DAILY CALORIE INTAKE.
Nothing pretty or exciting.
But to scrutinise the importance of one meal would be short sighted.
It’s what you do daily, weekly, monthly that will have the biggest impact on your health and body.
Eating breakfast will suit some people, however, others it may not.

When should you eat breakfast?

If you are always hungry upon waking. You know, if you wake up and are a total grumpy arse until you eat, then for the sake of those around you, have breakfast!!
But if your goal is fat loss and you don’t feel hungry until later on in the day, then it’s cool to skip breakfast and use those calories later on when you’re hungry.
When it comes to individual planning, you’re better off paying attention to when you feel most hungry. Then allocate a good chunk of your calories for then to satiate your appetite.
So getting up in the morning and chugging down Coco Pops just because you’re “told to” even though you’re not hungry won’t do you much good if your hunger hits you hard later on and leads you to going over your calorie intake.
Structuring your meals to suit your own day/lifestyle will go a long way to keeping you feeling satisfied while managing your daily food intake better.
If you do wake up hungry, then by all means have breakfast.
But skipping breakfast instead detrimental to your goals.
It’s about calorie balance and adequate protein intake.
Everything comes down to how you feel and perform.
There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to dietary habits and behaviour.
Hope that helps.
Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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