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From 97.5kg to 86.4kg – My Progress So Far

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So on October 8th, I’m competing again in my 3rd Powerlifting meet. Today, I’m just doing a small update on my progress to far and how I’ve managed my diet.

First of all, I generally always hover around 90-92kg but after my last competition in January, I really fell out of love with lifting.

I had spent 15+ weeks training 5 times a week for it and although it went perfect and I hit some big PR’s, I lost all motivation to train, let alone lift heavy.

So roll on 2-3 months of half assed workouts and not caring what I ate, I ended up at 97.5kg at the end of March.

I was bloated, p*ssed off and depressed with my body.

I had once again turned to food for pleasure.

Not exactly a good role model for my clients.

(Secretly, I was embarrassed to be coaching people on nutrition when I had slipped so badly – luckily I coach amazing people who value knowledge more than anything)

So stepping on the scales that day was a major kick in the ass.

Not only that, but I signed up to compete at 83kg in the next competition.

Purely because I had no choice but to put the work in with my nutrition and finally see physical progress.

It was straight to work on the fundamental factor of weight loss – calorie control and understanding my calorie requirements.

It’s amazing how much you learn by just tracking your calories.

And by learn I mean you get a slap in the face when you realise how much you’ve been eating.

I structured my meals, portion sizes and always had good food in the house while allowing flexibility in my diet.

I have never felt deprived one bit.

I’ve been to Thailand travelling for almost a month.

I’ve eaten out once a week, every week.

I’ve gone on the beer several times.

I’ve had my brothers wedding recently.

I’ve eaten chocolate at least twice a week.


Not once did I ever remove a food group or ban a food.

Instead I’ve always focused on hitting my main meals, adjusting my calorie intake on certain days to incorporate indulgences and being 100% honest.

There’s no point eating a bag of cookies and pretending it didn’t happen.

Instead, if I over-consumed I’d pull my calories back a bit for the next 2 days to offset it.

Nutrition doesn’t have to be stressful.

You can easily manage to have a life while getting into pretty good shape.

Overall, I’m down 11.1kg while enjoying life, being able to go out for meals and not hiding away from food.

I’ve embraced nutrition and to be honest it is the easiest I’ve ever had it so far.

It has opened my eyes to both my own nutrition and my clients and why being flexible will keep you sane, it’s way more realistic and enjoyable.

And it’s exactly why I’m going to be helping 20 people lose a stone this winter.

And why I am such a huge advocate of not selling you bullsh*t programs and instead ensuring you learn the basics and build foundations to long term success.

Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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