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Why Movement Can Help Your Lower Back Pain

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Can movement help you in your battle with lower back pain?

Unfortunately, so many people currently suffer with lower back pain.

Whether this has been medically diagnosed or they simply just ‘suffer’ it.

It’s becoming more and more common.

I don’t think a week goes by without getting an enquiry from someone suffering with back pain of some sort.

So today let’s look at why movement can help you out.

Back Pain Limiting Your Quality Of Life

If at any point you’ve suffered an injury or back pain, you will know how much of your daily life suddenly gets affected.

Last November, I was an eejit and rushed my warm up which results in a small pull in my back.

The next 4 days I couldn’t put on socks and rolling out of bed was torture.

You really don’t realise how much of your daily life gets impacted once you’re in pain.

But besides the pain and discomfort, there’s another side to it all.

As the years go by, you suddenly start to limit how much you can do.

You live in fear that the wrong move is going to put your back out.

Playing with the kids carries a danger and sometimes you’re just not able.

Overall, confidence in your own ability takes a beating.

And over time, you slowly stop doing so much because of the fear or pain of your back.

You no longer believe you are able to do certain things.

And if you’re a man, you probably feel worse too because we take pride in being strong and being able to do stuff around the house.

The last thing we want is sitting on the couch relying on people to hand us things.

Why Movement Can Inject Life Back Into You

So I’m not simply looking at movement as a solution to back pain.

When it comes to back pain, it can vary so much from individual to individual.

So each case will have it’s own limitations.

And of course, if you do suffer with back pain then do look for medical advice.

However; when it comes to movement, it can be a huge breath of fresh air for you.

Even by taking on and learning some simple movements can suddenly make you realise ‘I can still do things’.

That alone can bring about confidence.

It can start to give you a realisation that you CAN still move, you CAN still do things and you CAN live a better life daily.

Now I’m not talking about maxing out on Deadlifts or learning how to Snatch.

But simple things that keep you safe, moving well and let you feel good about yourself are key.

There’s such an array of exercises you can do that will allow you to improve your fitness and physique while keeping your back safe.

There’s also lots that will help strengthen your legs, glutes and core which will add support to your back.

I’ve had many clients over the years who feel so much stronger and are less debilitated by their back pain that they soon feel they can live a better quality of life.

General Guidelines

But do take caution.

Your main objective when starting out is to move well, build strength and improve your mobility.

All of these go hand in hand when it comes to feeling stronger and better.

While I would love to make recommendations for you to follow, it is dependant on the client and needs more of a 1-2-1 approach to assess.

But you generally cannot go wrong by improving your mobility in your hips and t-spine.

Focus your stretching on your glutes, hamstrings and hip flexors.

Then look at making your legs, glutes and core stronger to build a better support base.

(One I recommend highly is the ‘bird dog’).

For a lot of people working desk jobs I would also look at strengthening the upper back too.

The area of lower back pain is something that I’m still learning so much about.

And it will continue to be an area of focus for me going forward too.

If you do suffer with back pain, go and check out the work of Dr. Stu McGill.

Dr. Stu McGill



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