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Milo Flynn – Member Of The Month May 2018


So now that the month of May has flown by, it’s time to write about Milo Flynn, StrongLife’s Member of the Month for May 2018.

Milo has been consistently training here for over a year now.

And in recent months he’s really putting the work in, rarely misses sessions (in both gym and pub) and isn’t afraid of hard work.

More times I thought I’d need a defibrillator for Milo, he’d peel himself up off the bench and smash out a few more sled pushes.

He’d take off out the door then with legs on him like bambi on ice, knowing full well he put in a good session.

So let’s hear a little from Milo himself.

What Made You Join StrongLife?

Funnily enough, I kind of joined StrongLife by accident.

I seen a post on Facebook from StrongLife about winning €200, but like most, I didn’t read it.

Few days later Colm got in touch to say I actually needed to do something to win it.

And that was a 6 Week Challenge in the gym.

After chatting to Colm, I took it as a sign that it was time to get myself in shape and went down for a look.

Looking back, it was the best misread Facebook post ever!

How Have You Found Your Time Here?

From day one, I found everyone at StrongLife very friendly.

It’s not like other gyms that I had tried but not returned.

The craic and banter is always good!

Colm is a great motivator and changes up the workout (near killing me, but for the better) but I have found great results when I’m behaving myself.

I don’t really punish myself, just try the following week to work a bit harder and eat a bit better.

But sure the few pints and the odd Supermacs have to be had.

Would You Recommend StrongLife Gym?

I have recommended StrongLife to a few people and even got some new members on board.

To even just try it for a week you will soon see that the atmosphere and all the sound people doesn’t make it feel like a workout, but actually somewhere you enjoy going for a few hours a week and reap the benefits.

Congratulations To Milo

Milo works very hard ever week.

And even in the recent hot weather, he’s in going full steam ahead.

Whether he’s belting out 100kg Squats or going 90 on the sled, he’s always giving it his best.

As the months go by, he’s getting stronger and stronger and never afraid to push himself.

Although this does lead to complaints from his gym wife (Hi Naoimh) that he’s taking too long.

So keep up the good work Milo!

Well done.


Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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