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Member Of The Month April 2018 – Ian Finneran


So the official StrongLife Member of the Month for April 2018 is none other than Ian Finneran.

Ian has been a long time member here in the gym and has really came on leaps and bounds.

Whether he’s working hard on his squats or doing box jumps like a cat, he’s always training well.

Accompany that with trying to be some bit of a sensible influence on a certain friend too!

So lets hear a bit from Ian himself.

1. What Made You Join StrongLife Gym?

I joined because I wanted to get a bit stronger and build some muscle so I wouldn’t look like a delicate!

Now if you seen Ian powering weights in the gym, you’d think far from delicate!

Ladies, you should see him doing hip thrusts too!

2. How Has It Made A Difference To You?

I have found the experience very enjoyable, whilst I don’t particularly enjoy gym work the craic is good and progress is addictive so you grind it out.

In terms of benefits, they’re as much psychological as physical and I find it great to clear the head.

The aesthetics are a nice added bit on the side!!

Ian has made some really good progress physically over the last 12 months.

He has without doubt put the work in and it shows in him.

He might be one of the quieter ones in here, but I have met him after a few Gins and he’s not the angel he makes out!!

3. Has It Made A Difference To You Athletically?

In terms of improvements athletically, I have seen good improvements in speed and power in the legs.

Upper body strength also obviously compliments the GAA very well too!

As any man who has stepped onto the field for Ballinameen GAA, you will know only too well the importance of being strong.

There’s something about men from that area.

As soon as a 50/50 ball breaks you will see the excitement in a Ballinameen mans eyes.

The adrenaline will flow and a they’ll get a surge of energy.

Because they know what’s about to happen.

They’re going to go in at 62mph and hit a man a shoulder that’d drive a feckin bull out of a ditch!

Because as any man will contest, there’s a strange love for bursting lads with shoulders in a good Junior Championship match for Ballinameen!

So Ian is a bit modest when it comes to strength.

He’s joined the 100kg Bench Press club here whilst also having superior Squat technique and Deadlifts like Ron Jeremy.

4. Would You Recommend StrongLife To A Friend?

Of course I would, Stronglife is a great place to train and you’ll have the craic whilst doing it sure!

Ian may not be a man of many words, but he’s never afraid of putting the work in.

He’ll turn up every week, rain, hail or hungover.

He is a great addition to the gym, always has a bit of craic to tell and isn’t afraid to jump in with the slagging.

To see Ian develop throughout his time here has been great.

That includes him getting stronger, leaner and adding on some muscle too.

But to hear how it also has a great effect on him psychologically shows how much further lifting weights goes outside of the gym.

Now the funny thing is that Ian is off in Edinburgh on a lads weekend as I write this.

So I look forward to the stories from it next week!

Well done Ian and behave yourself.

And for the love of god will ya look after Ben!

Up Ballinameen.


Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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