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Here’s Exactly Why I Hate Meal Plans

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If you’ve spent any bit of time on social media, especially Instagram, you’ll have seen people offering meal plans.

“Hey, look at my abs, want some? Cool, just go buy my meal plan for €99”.

But let’s look at it like this.

Why would you shell out money to a total stranger to have them dictate what you should eat??

They don’t know you, they don’t know the foods you like etc.

So why would you actually pay them to tell you what you should be eating?

Let’s change the scenario.

Would you go into a dress shop (I haven’t a notion about women’s fashion, actually men’s too!”) and let the assistant pick all the clothes for you?

Even if you hated them?

And you would still buy the clothes?

Hmmm, I don’t think so.

(Side Note: I do allow assistants to dress me – because my mother stopped coming shopping with me)

So why look for meal plans from strangers?

Or even meal plans in general?

Why You Look For Meal Plans

You’re not really looking for a meal plan.

You’re looking for an ANSWER.

An answer to your weight struggles, an answer to getting toned and feeling good about yourself.

The harsh reality is this – you’ll buy a meal plan and after 3 weeks you will be gone mental eating the same foods.

Your progress halts and you’re not happy.

You approach said trainer and express your dissatisfaction.

Then you get told – “You don’t want it bad enough, that’s why you’re not seeing results”.

Or “Yeah, well if you stick 100% to the plan you’d see results.”

And this is no good to you.

Because all it does is throws you back to feeling miserable, feeling like a failure and having a negative view of your body.

Not exactly fun is it?

The Good News

You do not need a meal plan to see great results.

You can still eat foods you enjoy and be happy whilst dieting.

So let’s be realistic here for a second.

We never really want to lose weight.

Instead, you want the following:

  • a flatter, toned stomach that doesn’t hang over the top of your pants
  • firm thighs, sexy thighs and legs that makes you stop fearing “legs out events”
  • to get rid of the bingo wings so they stop flapping about
  • and a good arse that fills out your jeans
  • fitness that means you can chase and play with the kids, go on adventures, or simply that your legs no longer burn when walking up stairs

And besides the physical side of things, you also want:

  • to increase your confidence which leads to improved moods in social situations
  • the self esteem boost and increased sense of happiness with yourself
  • to feel sexy and attractive with your partner, members of the opposite sex, or while hanging with your cat whilst eating popcorn and watching netflix
  • pride in yourself and just overall happiness in life

So How Do You Achieve All That Without A Meal Plan?

Well, you work on yourself, you focus on your food intake and you develop a better understanding of nutrition.

Because at the end of the day, a meal plan will not educate you.

So once you stop, you’re kind of left hanging as to what to do next.

Your first step towards seeing great results is to start logging your food intake and calories.

There’s an app called “MyFitnessPal” that’s very easy to use and will help you track everything.

Not only that, but it will show you how many calories and protein etc. that you’re consuming.

Because the only way to drop fat and see those great physical changes is by reducing the number of calories you consume.

That can be done by many methods, but creating a calorie deficit is the bottom line.

So a combination of reducing food volume/calories and adding in exercise is a fantastic way to start.

If you want to start sculpting your body and adding definition? Start lifting some weights.

It doesn’t have to be much to start with, just build your confidence in a gym setting and progress from there.

And then just keep at it.

Even if progress stalls, don’t get disheartened.

It doesn’t mean you have failed.

It just means there’s room for improvement and a few tweaks will get you going again.

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Have a great weekend


Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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