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How To Maximise Your Muscle Gain In 2018


So if you’re been knocking around the gym or recently joined you’re probably chasing the goal of packing on a few solid lbs of muscle.

But for many, they’re actually training incorrectly to do so.

And by that, I mean following the typical Bodybuilder program of smashing each muscle group once a week, something like this:

Mon – Chest

Tues – Back

Wed – Legs

Thurs – Shoulders

Fri – Arms (it’s the weekend sure).

But in a moment, I’m going to explain why this type of program is not going to get you optimal results when it comes to getting more muscular.

But firstly, let’s address the above program.

We need to consider that the majority of these programs have been hugely successful and made popular by drug assisted lifters.

For DA lifters, they can put their muscles through huge volumes of training in a session and recover very well from it.

It also ensures that they have a longer window of recovery and growth which makes this type of program beneficial to them.

But to the general drug-free lifter, it’s far from ideal.

So let’s get into it:

Stimulating Muscle Growth/Gain

When training for hypertrophy you’re main focus is to stimulate muscle protein synthesis (the repair and growth of muscle tissue).

You do so by lifting weights and consuming adequate protein and calories.

Now what is of huge benefit to the natural lifter is this:

After a training session, muscle protein synthesis remains elevated for 36-48 hours. So 2 days after you’ve trained that muscle, MPS has returned to baseline levels and you are no longer growing/repairing.

This is where the above type of training can fail you.

Say you hit chest on a Monday, by Thursday morning the benefits of that training session have now passed.

So why wait until the following Monday to train it again?

By doing so, you’re actually losing days you could be spending growing.

In order to continue to grow and add muscle tissue, you need to be stimulating it on a regular basis.

Once a week per body part is not going to be as effective as twice a week.

Here’s the conclusions of a study carried out by Schoenfeld et al:

“When comparing studies that investigated training muscle groups between 1 to 3 days per week on a volume-equated basis, the current body of evidence indicates that frequencies of training twice a week promote superior hypertrophic outcomes to once a week. It can therefore be inferred that the major muscle groups should be trained at least twice a week to maximize muscle growth; whether training a muscle group three times per week is superior to a twice-per-week protocol remains to be determined.”

Tips To Gain Muscle

For a natural lifter, you’re better off looking towards full body workouts.

Or if you have enough time to hit the gym 4-5 days a week then schedule 2 days per muscle group to maximise your hypertrophy.

Split your total weekly volume across 2 sessions per muscle group to ensure you continue to stimulate growth.

Make sure you use your compound lifts for maximal gains.

Then focus on getting sufficient protein into your diet to ensure your recovery is on point.

Don’t fall into the trap of just gorging on food because you’re “bulking”.

All that will happen here is you will get fat.

From recent articles, the average muscle gain a natural lifter can hope to see in a 12 month training period is somewhere from 0.5kg to a max of 2-3kg.

So if you or someone you know has put on 6kg of mass over a few months, you can bet it consists of quite a bit of fat mass.

And don’t forget, if you’re not recovering, you’re not growing.

So if your body begins to feel very fatigued, reduce volume or throw in a recovery day.

Train smart this year and enjoy the progress.



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