The March 2018 Member Of The Month - StrongLife

The March 2018 Member Of The Month


I’m delighted to announce the March 2018 ‘Member Of The Month’ is none other than Stephanie McTiernan.

Stepho has been a great worker here in StrongLife Gym.

She’s one of the few quieter ones (yes, there’s only a few quiet ones in here).

Yet she turns up weekly and gets on with her work.

Although we do fall out over Squats and I threaten to give her a kick up the arse, she’s doing mighty for herself.

So here’s a bit from Steph.

1. What Made You Join StrongLife?

I had heard several great reports about it so I decided to join.

It was also convenient because it was close to where I work and live.

Colm also has a great appreciation for Cats so that was a big help.

(I may have added the last line – but I do like cats).

2. How Have You Found Your Time Here?

I love going to Stronglife.

Colm is always at hand if you have any questions about programmes and exercises.

Although Could really use a lat pull down suitable for midgets but apart that there is a great atmosphere and the other members are great and all very encouraging.

(I will soon devise a gym suitable for vertically challenged!)

3. Tell Us About Your Progress And Competing

I originally starting going to gyms to lose weight.

Although it’s a slow process on the scale, I can see huge difference in my clothes as I’m toning up a lot.

I also wanted to do powerlifting competitions and did my first one in March and loved it and and will be competing again in July.

(Okay, I’m hijacking this a bit because Steph is being too modest.

She didn’t just “compete”. She smashed all her numbers and grew in confidence so much by doing so.

It takes great courage to join a gym as a girl, it takes even more to push yourself out of your own comfort zone and step onto a powerlifting platform in front of a crowd.

So for Steph to go from the shy girl who joined a gym to stepping up to compete has been great to see).

4. Would You Recommend StrongLife To A Friend?


I have already recommended it to friends and family and will continue to do so.


So there we have Stephanie McTiernan.

She’s already back in the gym working hard on breaking all her own records in the next powerlifting competition in July.

So well done Steph, keep up the good work.



Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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