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Why Love Island Was A Good Thing For You

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Now that people are coming down from the finale of Love Island, they may be asking themselves “what do I do with my life now???”.

But there’s some goods news.

While I would rather watch paint dry, there’s a benefit to everyone having watched it.

And it’s this:

Over the last 8 weeks, everyone religiously set aside 1 hour every night to watch it.

That’s 5-6 hours a week.

Your day was based around being sure you’d be on the couch for 9pm every night.

Not only that, but you also allocated time to look at Love Island memes on social media after each episode.

Now that it’s finished, you suddenly have 5-6 hours of routinely built free time available.

You could go and find another show to fill the void.


You could use that time to work on things that will improve your health, fitness, well-being, career, employment or happiness.

Using Love Island For Self Development

“I don’t have time” is a regular excuse.

But now you’ve 5 hours a week free.

You’ve built that time into your week the last 2 months.

Its up to you how to make use of it now.

Hate your job? Use the time to do some upskilling, read, study, listen to podcasts.

Need to work on your relationship? Great, you suddenly have an hour free a night so put away the phone and tv and go have fun with your partner or the kids.

Want to lose weight and get fit? Use the time to exercise, go for a walk or plan your meals for the next day.

Again, it’s up to you how to use that time.

You can use it for something to benefit yourself, or you can fill the void with some Netflix.

Just don’t go complaining in 6 months time if you’re still unhappy with where you’re at.

Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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