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Why You Can Lose Fat While Lifting Weights

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“I didn’t realise you can lose fat while lifting weights?”

Saturday night I went for a pint with a friend.

And during the night we talked about everything and anything.

But one thing he said was that he didn’t realise he could drop fat while lifting weights.

He was always under the impression that you HAD to do lots of cardio to lose a few Ibs.

So when he joined a gym last year, he was amazed at how it all works out.

He’ll tell you himself, he wouldn’t be a sporty guy, yet here he is months later loving it, able to tell me about nutrition basics and protein powder!

(Can I just clarify, I do generally avoid gym talk on nights out).

Can you lose weight while lifting weights?

Most definitely.

But there are many areas of confusion when it comes to weight loss.

Should you be sweating to lose fat?

Not really.

Sweating is mainly a sign of fluid loss, not fat loss.

And every person will sweat differently.

But will lifting weights not make me gain weight?

This stems from the thought process that muscle weighs more than fat.

Which is misunderstood.

Muscle is more dense than fat so it takes up less space.

At the end of the day, 1 lb of muscle weighs the same as 1 lb of fat.

But I know which I would choose to store on my body.

I thought you have to do cardio to lose fat?

Cardio was pushed heavily at women in particular.

You would see girls hit the treadmill and just pound away while they watch that number on the screen go up.

But when it comes to any form of exercise, you’re looking to burn energy/calories.

We use exercise as a means to expend more energy and therefore create a calorie deficit.

Whichever type of exercise you choose, you’re looking to just burn more calories.

Because no matter what you do, if you’re not in a calorie deficit, you’re not losing fat.

So How Does It Work?

One of the best things I like about training people to lift weights is the mental and physical transformation.

The beauty of lifting weights is that you are building yourself up, not running yourself into the ground.

You’re developing strength, building muscle and learning how to move really well.

It also opens the path for you to challenge yourself mentally too.

Whether that’s breaking down the barrier of walking in the gym door each day or taking a shot at squatting your own bodyweight.

And when it comes to lifting weights, you’re placing stress on your muscles.

This stress causes damage to your muscle tissue which needs to be repaired.

So along with the calories you burn during the session, you also create an afterburn effect when your body is recovering from the session.

Not only that, but muscle tissue is actually more metabolically active than fat tissue (that means it serves more of a function that just stored fat tissue).

Muscle tissue is more active so it requires more energy to maintain, which actually means you burn more calories daily.

But don’t get carried away, it’s not a huge amount of an increase but still all positive.

Let’s not forget that muscle tissue is what gives you that sexy look once you reduce your bodyfat.

So instead of running yourself into the ground with cardio and highly restrictive diets, you can choose to develop a strong, powerful and physically improved body by lifting weights and developing better nutritional habits.

Swap The Treadmill For The Weights

Cardio has its place, but it shouldn’t be a staple of your training plan.

If you want to become strong, powerful and feel great in your own body, then most definitely lift weights.

You won’t believe the difference it will make until you try it.

Because Strong is the new Sexy!

And as I once heard – “Strength Is Never A Weakness, Weakness Is Never A Strength”

Want to give it a try?

You can grab a 7 Day Trial here:

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