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Look Amazing For Christmas This Year


If you really want to look amazing for Christmas, then why not work with us to help you do just that?

Right now, you have 10-12 weeks until party season is upon us, depending on when you normally sign off for Christmas.

Which means you’re going to want to be looking your best for all the nights out and general Christmas shenanigans.

Do any of these relate to you?

You want rid of your bingo wings

You want rid of your love handles

You would love a flatter stomach

You want no more flabby bits around dress straps

You’d love to wear that nice dress you’ve always wanted to

You want to walk into any room feeling confident and sexy.

You want to feel amazing in your own body and not need to hide from photos

What if I told you that between now and Christmas, StrongLife Gym can help you:

  • Lose a stone in weight without crazy dieting
  • Drop 8-12 inches over the next 12 weeks
  • Lift weights to get rid of the wobbly bits
  • Tone up so you don’t have to hide yourself in clothes anymore
  • Feel amazing and confident going into the holidays
  • And most of all, we will take all the guess work out of it. You just have to follow our simple guidelines.


So we have 2 options available for you.

1 – On October 3rd, our 8 Week “Shift A Stone” Challenge kicks off to help you lose a stone, shed inches and look amazing.

It consists of 8 x weekly workouts in the gym accompanied with your own individual diet coaching throughout.

Weekly measurements will be taken to ensure progress and can be altered to ensure we meet your goals.

Support is provided both in person and through a private Facebook group where you will be motivated by each other.

Most of all, you won’t be doing it alone. You’re going to be doing it side by side throughout the 8 weeks and help each other along.


2 – You can avail of our 1-2-1 Personal Training service to keep you focused, honest and motivated throughout.

Our Personal Training packages are tailored to suit you based on timeframe and weekly sessions required.

This is a full comprehensive service and we will cover everything for you.

All you need to do is turn up, put the work in and then follow our guidelines at home.


Spaces are limited – we already have 13 people signed up for the Shift A Stone Challenge. We want to ensure a high level of service so we will cap it at 15 people.

Personal Training, we have availability to take 3 clients on between now and Christmas to ensure a high standard of service and guarantee results.

Not only that, but we’ll give you 50% off your first PT session if you’d like to try it out with minimal risk.

You can apply for either by filling in the quick details below.

Shift A Stone Challenge


Personal Training Trial

Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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