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Is Lockdown A Time For Appreciation and Perspective?


This might sound very strange, but I’m almost enjoying lockdown.

Not for the fact that we’re in a pandemic or that there’s fatalities every day from the virus.

But for the way that life seems to have suddenly slowed down.

The streets are quiet.

There’s less rushing and racing.

People aren’t obsessing over likes on social media.

And people are spending more time looking out for one another rather than trying to climb across each other to make it to the top.

Over the last 5 weeks, I’ve had more meaningful conversations with people than I’ve had in probably 2 years.

I’ve spoken with people that I’d almost lost touch with.

I’d also forgotten a lot of things.

Like how green the fields are out here in the sticks of Roscommon, even if the neighbour just spread slurry yesterday.

Or all the back roads I used spend hours rallying a mountain bike up and down on when I was a teenager.

How good Moby’s music is.

And how many birds chirp away every day when you take the time to turn off the noise.

And, I’ve even rediscovered the squelching sound that cowshite makes when you accidentally stand in it.

It might be a strange time, but it’s also possibly a time we should cherish the little opportunities we have right now.

Hanging out with the kids more (or dogs/cat).

Gaining perspective of what really gives you happiness in life.

And how we can easily survive without uploading photos of our smashed avocado on toast/booty/abs/car online.

While we are all craving normality and the resumption of the life we had prior to lockdown, we can also use this time to just appreciate the little things.

If we don’t find perspective in the bad times, we may not appreciate enough in the good.

Hope you’re doing ok.

P.s. I will never appreciate my barber as much as I will when he finally gets the hedge trimmer at me!

Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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