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Lesson’s From The Comeback Of Conor McGregor

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Over the weekend, Conor McGregor marked his comeback.

He had a devastating 40 second TKO win over Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone.

Now you might think, “wow, only 40 seconds, Cowboy must be shit”.

But to put that into perspective, he lasted longer than I do in the bedroom.


The Rise After The Fall

It’s fair to say, over the last year or two, Conor’s popularity has dwindled in Ireland.

Too many scandals and being in the media for the wrong attention.

“Money had gone to his head”.

Overall, there was very little hype about this fight on social media.

And I still haven’t seen much since the fight either.

To be fair, this time Conor McGregor didn’t run his mouth, he seemed calmer in interviews and just focused on the job ahead.

Whether that’s him turning a corner or there’s a PR strategy to rebuild his name and status in the public eye.

He lost some fans along the way, for sure.

So, I was interested to watch Conor’s post-fight interview.

(I’ll link it at the bottom if you want to watch later).

Being honest, it was actually pretty good.

More importantly, there’s huge lessons from it.

During the post-fight presser, he spoke about previous training and how he lost focus.

“I had it all…” he said.

The money, the fame, the lifestyle.

In training, he’d show up for 1 day and then disappear for 3.

He was erratic.

But as he admits himself, he became comfortable.

He fought so hard to get to where he wanted.

And when he achieved it all, he lost the hunger.

Distractions, a string of madness in the media, court cases, partying etc.

He was regularly in the media, but it started to be for the wrong reasons.

But now, he seems to have refocused himself.

Eyes back on the prize and back to work hard and achieve more.

Whether we can believe that after only a 40 second fight, well time can only tell.

Health And Fitness Lessons From Conor McGregor

But there’s lessons from him for people chasing health and fitness.

So many set the big target of weight loss, challenge or race.

Like climbing a mountain, the challenge is in the journey up.

But once you reach the top, you don’t see anywhere else to go.

You’ve reached the summit, hit your goal and suddenly, you’ve achieved it all.

This is super common in weight loss.

People lose 30lbs by dieting and exercising hard, but as soon as they get there, they stop doing what got them to their goal.

They reach their summit.

They hit their goal.

And they have it all.

Slowly but surely, they exercise less and start to go back to old ways of eating.

Pizza replaces dinner.

Beer replaces gin.

Chocolate replaces salad.

And as time passes by, they slowly regress.

The pounds creep back on, fitness dwindles, and you lose focus.

Then one day, you catch a glimpse of your reflection, look down as you sit on the couch or see a photo of yourself.


How did this happen?

It’s a horrible feeling.

Seeing all your hard work undone.

Worst yet, it was your own doing.

But it wasn’t intentional.

However, it has happened.

You got comfortable.

And you allowed poor habits to re-develop.

That reflection, that photo, or that glimpse of your belly roll is your kick in the arse to refocus.

And maybe it’s not as bad as punching an aul lad in the face, but it still stings.

You feel frustrated, disheartened and like you’re back to square one, maybe worse.

So, for many reading this, you may be on your health and fitness buzz for 2020.

And let’s be honest, a few of you will be reading this having fallen off the wagon recently.

Time to get back on it.

Time to focus yourself and stick to the plan.

And once you hit your goals, regardless of how big or small, don’t down tools and go back to your old ways.

You’ve done the hard work, now maintain it so you can enjoy your new physique, new fitness levels or new adventures and challenges.

None of us ever want to feel like a failure having slipped backwards.

So, get your head in gear, keep doing the work, and once you hit your goals, set new, exciting ones that keep you developing and progressing as a person.

Don’t be afraid to change lanes.

Test yourself in many methods and modalities and keep learning.

That way, you’ll never settle and slip backwards.

And you’ll discover new levels for yourself.

Keep her lit for all of 2020!


Conor’s Post Fight Press Conference

Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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