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What I Learned From A Pole Dancer

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You’re about to find out what I learned from a pole dancer.

But before I start, when I say the term “pole dancer”, I don’t mean glitter, nipple tassels and $1 bills.

In Ireland, we can be a bit behind the times with things.

If you hear pole dancing you automatically think “strippers”.

(Nothing wrong with them either by the way).

I kind of blame the Catholic Church for how sheltered we are and how we negatively view things.

But that’s not the purpose of today.

Today, it’s about what you can take from a pole dancer.

Strength, Power And Beauty – The Pole Dancer Way

Okay, I may be using the term ‘pole dancer’ a bit much.

In fact, it’s not just pole.

It’s an art.

An art that uses all forms of fitness, strength, power and gymnastics.

Combine all those and you get a form of movement that’s empowering ladies throughout the world.

It’s even a form of exercise that’s creeping into Ireland, just at a slower rate.

But how does it empower ladies?

Very simply.

It’s all about promoting body confidence without any judgement.

It’s about appreciating that all types of bodies are sexy, powerful and beautiful.

And it’s about developing the confidence in your own body and overcoming self consciousness.

There’s a little community involved that all support each other and are only happy to see each other succeed.

For every newcomer to the sport, they get a warm welcome and are encouraged to overcome their own fears and flaws with a view to becoming a better person.

Now imagine on your first day having to show some flesh in a fully mirrored room?

Every single fear would burst out of you.

It would be your idea of a nightmare situation.

But what if every single one in that room with you done nothing but support you

Support the steps you’re taking to improving yourself, to becoming more confident and to understanding that all types of bodies are sexy.

There’s no such thing as the perfect body you see constantly portrayed online.

And you will soon realise that you can be strong and confident regardless of how you think you look.

Core Strength Doesn’t Mean Planks

The biggest takeaway I took from it (apart from how attractive 6 inch heels are) is core strength.

And it’s something I want you to understand.

There’s a HUGE amount of strength required to do this sport.

But it’s not all built around planks and crunches.

In fact, majority of them only use your typical gym “core” work as a warm up.

The girls involved all have ridiculous levels of strength, to the point they would put me to shame.

And they’ve built such strength by respecting their bodies and focusing on training it as a whole.

They don’t starve themselves, they don’t do Abs classes and they don’t negatively view their body.

Instead, the focus on nourishing it with good food.

They focus on developing new ways to move and become stronger.

And they learn to love their own bodies.

And a by-product of this is they develop a fitter, stronger and toned as hell body in the process!

What I Need You To Take Away From This

If you really want a better, stronger body (particularly your stomach) endless amounts of planks, abs classes or crunches will get you there.

If you strive to become more confident and sexy in your body, develop strength to do cool things and feel great, and to feel more powerful, then start to develop a better relationship with your mind and body.

Instead of punishing your body with dieting, reward it with good foods.

Move your body as a whole, do some squats, deadlifts and less of the ab focused stuff.

Take up yoga, gymnastics or if you can, take a dance class.

Hole your head up high and smile more.

I see way too many girls going around with their head down, shoulders slumped and feeling crap about themselves.

In reality, we all should be living a happy life.

We shouldn’t allow how we look to dictate how we feel.

Focus on all your body is capable of doing.

It may not be right now, but with training and focus you can do so much.

Celebrate that you’re healthy and have the ability to make the changes you need to get where you want to be.

Set out a plan and just start putting the work in.

At no point will you ever regret doing things that make you feel great in yourself.

Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone, that’s where a person really makes the best progress.

Work on eating well, moving your body lots and exercise a little bit of self love.

Because the sooner you start appreciating yourself a little more, the less you will self sabotage.

And in the long run, you will become a much happier, confident and powerful person.

So celebrate all that your body is capable of doing and go do it.

And if you decide to take up pole dancing and need help picking high heels, just send some pics onto me for review.



Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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