Learn To Lift Workshop - September 10th - StrongLife

Learn To Lift Workshop – September 10th

learn to lift

Learn to Lift this September with StrongLife Gym

On September 10th, I’m running a private workshop for 8 people to come in and break the ice when it comes to lifting weights.

By now you know that lifting weights will help you lose fat, tone up and feel awesome.

However, you just haven’t started yet due to a few factors:

  • You don’t know how to lift them safely or correctly
  • You fear looking silly by not knowing what you’re doing
  • You’d like to be shown correctly before you get started
  • You may be intimidated by the weights area (because everyone looks like they know what they’re doing there and you don’t feel confident enough to go over)

learn to lift

Now what are you going to get as part of the workshop?

  • You will be brought through a full warm up to ensure you prepare correctly and to also eliminate risk of injury
  • We’ll do some basics movements to see how you function and move
  • You will learn the fundamental movements – The Squat, Deadlift and Bench Press along with Kettlebell, dumbell and bodyweight movements to get you in serious shape and never be confused in a gym again. (don’t worry about lifting too heavy, you’ll only be allowed to lift what you’re capable of)
  • You’ll be put through a good workout too but the primary goal is to get you lifting safely and efficiently so that going forward you’re going to see great progress in the gym.
  • Also, as a bonus all attendees will be given a FREE 6 Week program to follow in your own gym after the workshop.

So on September the 10th, you can attend the StrongLife – Learn To Lift Workshop (It’s going to be either 9am-11am or 1pm to 3pm – will be decided with those registered) and walk away knowing you can now lift weights correctly, follow our program and see some real results over the following 6 weeks.

And best of all?

It’s going to be super cheap at only €20.

But as I said, we’re only taking 8 people in.

You can put your name down here:

Learn To Lift Workshop


Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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