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Why Ladies Should Start Lifting To Lose Fat

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Ladies, are you lifting yet, because you should start to maximise fat loss.

Today, we’re looking at the effect resistance training has on fat loss when coupled with dieting.

Below are the findings of a study published by the International Society of Sports Nutrition.

The study  took 40 women to assess what was the biggest factor in fat loss.

Take a quick look at the summary of the study:

As per the image, they took 40 women and ran then on a trial of Resistance Training Only (RT), Diet Only (Diet) or Resistance Training + Diet (RT + Diet).

The study ran for 4 months and all ladies were assigned a protein intake of 1.4g of protein for every kilogram of bodyweight.

So for example, if you weighed 60kg you consumed 84g of Protein daily.

At the end of the trial, the Diet Only group lost 5.5lbs of fat mass.

The Resistance Training only group showed no change in fat mass although there we signs of added muscle tissue in this group.

And then the combination of Resistance Training accompanied with Diet showed the best results of 7.3lbs of fat mass lost.

A quick point to make is that the only group that showed gains in muscle tissue were the ones lifting without a controlled diet.

So if you are afraid of getting “bulky” then the only way that is possible is if you continue lifting while eating a surplus of calories.

In Conclusion

The conclusions arising from it that Diet is a key component, however; a combination of resistance training (lifting weights) and diet maximises the effect on fat loss.

So, if you want to transform yourself then why not start lifting?

It’s proven to aid you in your pursuit of that lean, toned body.

Just remember, protein intake is essential when looking to preserve muscle tissue and drop fat.

The 2 key factors to any diet is Protein intake and Calories. Simple.

If you’re happy to just diet, then you will definitely see results.

Want to maximise results and get toned?

Lift weights.

Hope this is of help.


P.s. If anyone wants to look at it further, here’s the link to the study:


Colm Duignan

Colm Duignan

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